The holiday season turns sour in Marvel’s ‘Hawkeye’ teaser

Jeremy Renner’s titular character is back in action this holiday season when ‘Hawkeye’ airs on Disney+ starting Nov. 24.

Bumblebee Movie Review: Travis Knight breathes new life into an old series

The word “Transformers” has become synonymous with never-ending, money burning, ear bleeding blockbuster filmmaking. It a doormat that critics wipe their shoes on and a psycho ex-partner of millions of fans who just want to remember the good times. Here’s…

Movie Review: Edge of Seventeen

Every year, we get dozens of coming of age movies, but only a handful of them ever give us an approximate glimpse at high school life let alone an authentic one. Edge of Seventeen plays with the mold and makes…

Interview: Hailee Steinfeld for Edge of Seventeen

I talk with Hailee about her high school experience, advice to her younger self, the importance of consent and more.

Movie Review: ‘Ten Thousand Saints’

In this age of mumblecore supremacy and HBO hipsterdom, indie dramas about young men coming of age are a dime a dozen. It seems that all up-and-coming filmmakers have to do nowadays to get their projects funded and shown at…

Hailee Steinfeld Releases Debut Track, “Love Myself”

Steinfeld shows great potential through the debut track: an empowering, self-confident song with the lines, “Going to love myself/No I don’t need anybody else/Can’t help myself/No I don’t need anybody else/Anytime/Day or Night.”

Jon’s Movie Review: “Barely Lethal” Is Deadly If Ingested

When we’re in high school, we’re told that we can be anything we want. We go through phases like outfit changes, trying on each new attitude, outlook, or personality until one feels right. The potential is limitless, so we’re told.…