House of the Dragon After Show: Preview [Podcast]

When a Targaryen is born, God flips a coin. When HBO releases a new Game of Thrones show, we all come running back. House of the Dragon, a prequel series about the Targaryen family based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire…

‘The Rehearsal’ review: Nathan Fielder puts the reality (and fiction) in reality television

Throughout the course of his sleeper hit Comedy Central series, Nathan For You, Nathan Fielder constantly—and, of course, hilariously—blurred the lines between reality and fiction. Never quite a mockumentary series, but too absurdly augmented to be authentic (even when life…

‘How to with John Wilson’ remains one of television’s most eccentric and personal shows

Hey, New York.  By now, there’s a decent chance that you’ve seen—or, at least heard of—HBO’s How to with John Wilson. An eccentric, eclectic, often excellent first-person exploration of the various oddities of New York City (and beyond), all explored…

‘Succession’ 3×02 review: ‘Mass in Time of War’ dissects the Roy family

Bursting out of the gate from the first minute, the season premiere of Succession found urgency by charting the various members of the Roy family’s desperate bids for survival. The family at the heart of the stellar HBO comedy-drama, the…

‘Succession’ season three premiere review: ‘Secession’ prepares for all-out war

‘Succession’ Season 3, unpredictable as it looks, is sure to be full of drama and intrigue with a dose of deliciously cruel conflict.

‘The White Lotus’ season one finale review: “Departures” ends the season in depressing familiarity

While the atmosphere of ‘The White Lotus’ hypnotized, the series’ disappointing close proves it ultimately rang hollow.

‘The White Lotus’ 1×05 review: “The Lotus-Eaters” sends the resort into chaos

Even at the penultimate episode of ‘The White Lotus,” clarity and purpose on the show’s larger themes is still lacking.