Music Video Premiere: Ajay Mathur – “I Need You Now”

Drenched in animated passion, at once upbeat and fervent, “I Need You Now” offers feel-good momentum traveling on a luscious pop melody full of dazzling gusto.

Music Video Premiere: Vonnie Kyle – “The Brink of Breaking Down”

Vonnie Kyle turns it loose on “The Verge of Breaking Down,” rolling out luscious pop-rock with gusto.

Music video premiere: Pollux King asks if anyone cares on “Anybody”

Pollux King has it going on! “Anybody” exudes the residual energy of sorrow, while asking the question: “Is anybody out there? Does anybody care?”

TYF Music Video Premiere: Kimberly Freeman’s “Amnesia” We’re premiering singer-songwriter Kimberly Freeman’s new music video for her track “Amnesia” that you can view exclusively here. Fun fact: this video was shot all in one take so be sure not to blink. “We wanted Amnesia to be…