Wynonna Earp 2×02 Review: “Shed Your Skin”

Wynonna’s journey continues to take her down a dark path. Aside from the obvious dark creatures, the darkness comes from her emotional turmoil. She’s still feeling the effects of the loss of her sister and friend/love. It’s the small moments where you can see the hurt the most, like when she cried into that teddy or said Doll’s name to Earl. Then there was the bigger moment when she lashed out at Doc after he avoided her advance. Wynonna is trying to move on, but it’s not easy, and what doesn’t help is that she’s looking for help from Waverly and Doc, but they’re dealing with their own stuff.

Despite all this hardship, Wynonna continues to be strong. Her sass always hits hard and her current target is Lucado, who is getting hit the most. Wynonna doesn’t hold back any punches when it comes to her. Let’s not forget how Ms. Earp easily dispatched all those spiders, and even saved Mercedes’ life (even though those two spiders would’ve clearly killed her before help arrived).

The weakest part of this episode was the spiders. They killed a couple people and that’s it. They didn’t really put up a fight, and Waverly and Wynonna destroyed all the eggs without a scratch. The other monsters, on the other hand, were exciting. Earl reminded us that some of the demons are suffering too. They constantly get sent to hell and come back and it makes them lose their minds. He also spoke about wanting to protect something and it’s unclear if he did it, but something killed him. There are also the two ghost-like figures that are stalking Wynonna. One or both of them smell like Willow and it’s freaking our hero out. It’s unclear whether one of them is Willow, or if they’re just messing with her head.

One person stuck in their head is Doc. He’s clearly doing his own thing instead of worrying about the crew. You heard it here first when I say that whatever Doc is doing with the basement and Rosita has to do with Dolls. I assume that the basement is where Dolls can hide and Rosita is working on making that formula for him. It’s only a matter of time before Wynonna decides to check out what he’s doing since he’s becoming distant. Another person that will keep their eye on Doc is Jeremy. It seems like he’s a big fan of Doc.

Speaking of fans, Waverly just got her biggest one back. The two love birds seem to have gotten over their fight about Black Badge and made up. Haught is even helping Waverly come to terms with her being an Earp, even if that isn’t technically her family. As for Waverly, her dark side was in check for most of this episode until the end. Let’s not talk about her snack. The point is, the show needs to dive deeper into how she feels about what’s happening to her. It’s good to see her struggling with no belonging to the family, but that’s one thing compared to how she’s changing.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.


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