Wynonna Earp 2×03 Review: “Gonna Getcha Good”

Perry seemed more like a hero than Wynonna. That was the biggest issue of this episode. Despite being the cause of the problem, Perry did the most to fix his own mess. He tried to do a protection spell to help Skip and himself. He even locked himself with the demon and tried to spell it away. Meanwhile, Wynonna missed her first shot to kill it and hesitated before she decided to wish it away. It’s unclear why they made Perry the hero of his own story, but it made him look more interesting.

Wynonna wasn’t completely useless because of course, she did trap the demon in the trophy and did save Skip the first time. It also wasn’t easy for her to wish the demon away because she really wanted to wish for Dolls to be free, but had to do the right thing and save Perry. She also gave up wishing away her curse, which was really brave of her. Let’s not forget she took down a bunch of teenage boys showing that she can handle herself. This wasn’t a bad episode for her, but it could’ve been better.

It also could’ve been better for Nicole because she pretty much had a bad day. Black Badge took her case and she had to sweep it under the rug. Wynonna snapped at her when she said that Waverly has been acting strange. Waverly made a scene while she was trying to work. Tucker got set free even though he was being a pervert. Not to mention Nicole got beat up by a demon. If it wasn’t for her being told that she would be sheriff soon and receiving a file on Tucker, then her whole day would be horrible.

The only person having a harder time than Nicole is Dolls. He’s in Purgatory, but he’s being held by Waverly! Something is not right with her. She’s eating lipstick and stealing silver objects. She went all black eyes on Tucker and choked him. She even got her girlfriend in trouble at work. A small but interesting detail is when she asked Wynonna for her lipstick back, forgetting that her sister gave it to her earlier. Was Waverly simply playing dumb, or is she not fully aware when her black-eyed self comes out?

Last, but not least, is Doc. He was more helpful in this episode saving Haught from the baghead demon. He also revealed to Wynonna that he’s working on making the medicine for Dolls (which I called last episode). Unfortunately, he didn’t get the demon’s blood that he needed, but there are more demons out there. He also has Rosita by his side to help him out, and I’m glad he stuck up for her when Wynonna was trying to talk bad about Rosita. Just because she dressed a certain way doesn’t mean she’s not smart, which Dolls had to remind Wynonna.

Let’s not forget that Mercedes might be dead. It sounded like that one demon snapped her neck, but we’ll see next episode. If she’s dead it’s a shame because she was the only one of her family nice to Wynonna.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.



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