Wynonna Earp 2×04 Review: “She Ain’t Right”

Something’s coming, but what is it? One guess can be the demon that was inside of Waverly. Apparently, Waverly wasn’t evil at all. It turns out that whenever she touched that goo in the season one finale she got possessed by a demon, and that demon has abilities. For one, it can regrow limbs and it is able to inhabit other people’s bodies. It’s now inside of Wynonna, but who knows how long that relationship will last. It seemed to be collecting silver for some reason, but is this the thing that is supposed to be the unstoppable thing that’s coming?

Waverly had a stand out time this episode. She took a more prominent role in black badge and decided to go undercover. Who knew the sister could sing? That’s another talent added to her repertoire. What was more interesting was that she knew something was wrong with her, but didn’t know how to deal with it. These changes were scaring her and she was genuinely scared about what was happening to her. Thanks to the demon inside her deciding to be silent, she even got her hand chopped off. Luckily for her it, grew it back, but who knows what the demon will do with her now.

Once again, Wynonna wasn’t the overall hero of this episode, which is an issue. She did save Dolls, and she recruited Jeremy to help with Dolls’ dosage, but overall she didn’t do much for saving Waverly or herself. She didn’t even take out Cujo, who was a small character. Now she’s possessed by a demon.

Dolls is back! My guess about him being a werewolf was wrong, but that’s okay because he’s apparently part dragon. It was cool to see him breathe fire on Jaxon and laugh about it after because he was surprised it happened. The pressing question is what happens now since Black Badge is still after him, his love interest in now possessed by a demon, and Waverly held him hostage. One thing is clear and that’s Juan Carlo is still helping the team against whatever comes next.

Doc seems to be the main hero of the episode. He came to the aid of the sisters, and got a new hat in the process. It was never clear why he didn’t just buy a new one. He took out a bunch of guys and he took down Jaxon with a knife throw. He also has been getting Dolls stuff prepared for him, so he’s on top of everything.

Jeremy is now on board with the group, but the question is how much. If it came down to Black Badge or the Wynonna Team, who would he side with in the end? He did drop a little information about himself. He said that his mother was killed and he implied that he likes guys. It’s not clear how much the mother element will play a part in the grand scheme of things, but he did show interest in Doc a couple of episodes back, so Jeremy might have a crush on him.

Another guess as to what is coming is the creatures that have taken over the Gardner sisters. Tucker now has two demons by his side that say they can get him what he wants, and they tell him that he should give into his dark side. Tucker said he wants a girl, which might be Waverly. Future episodes will reveal what he does with this new found power.

Wynonna Earp airs Fridays at 10/9c on Syfy.



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