The Fosters 5×01 Review: “Resist”

Welcome back to another tumultuous season premiere of The Fosters! Season five picks right back up with the events of the last season. We see the protest against the privatization of Anchor Beach escalating as the administrators attempt to keep things under control. In what seems to be a reflection of the chaotic state of our country, those in control (particularly Nick’s father who is putting up the money needed for privatization) threaten those protesting and ultimately use force to break them apart, resulting in a struggle with Mariana and Jude getting maced trying to stand up for his sister. There seems to be a silver lining for the resistance in this particular story as Monte stands her ground to protect the school and its student body, how that plays out and affects the students will be interesting to watch.

Another storyline we see in the premiere is how Jesus’ traumatic brain injury continues to challenge him and dictate the decisions he makes and the reactions he has. Thinking Brandon to be the one that got Emma pregnant, Jesus tries to destroy his room and all his most precious belongings. The violent outbursts, as a result of the TBI, seem to be the focus of Jesus’ story this season. The question of how much the TBI will affect his personality and inhibit his life will be a compelling exploration of the character.

A much smaller plot point, but the most intriguing during this season premiere, is the one between Ana and Gabe. After getting into a major fight with Jesus, Gabe reaches out to Ana for advice on how to handle this new situation he finds himself in. The two talk about the difficulties of getting involved in their biological kids’ lives at this point in time. The discussion is one that hasn’t been explored too often. These are two people who have reconnected with their kids after not being abled parents in the past. They don’t know the human beings standing in front of them, they are not the same children they brought into this world. What are their roles in the twins’ lives? What boundaries must they not cross?

The central story of The Fosters premiere, and the most urgent situation, is Callie’s impulsiveness to run from her problems. Thinking that her arrest was inevitable, Callie decides to follow Diamond to her pimp, putting her life in the most danger it’s ever been in. Callie instantly realizes the gravity of her decision, as we follow Stef on her frantic search for her daughter. One of the most heartbreaking scenes in the episode was of a frightened Stef knocking on the trunks of cars desperate to find Callie. The conclusion comes with Stef rescuing Callie and telling her daughter what the audience has always wanted to: she has to start valuing her own life. The aftermath of this trauma on Callie’s life might just be enough to see a true change, we’ll have to wait and see.

The Fosters airs Tuesdays at 8/7c only on Freeform!


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