Dark Matter 3×07 Review: “Wish I Could Believe You”

Six is back on board, but for real this time. After going through numerous fake virtual realities, he finally made it back to his actual life. It was good to see that he was smart enough to know something was wrong and continued to break the system. If he got trapped in there then it would’ve weakened the strength of his character. Six also found out that he used to have a wife and a son. Unfortunately, they moved on because he wasn’t around to take care of them. It was heartbreaking to see his son run into the arms of another father. Hopefully he’ll be able to deal with knowing that they’re okay. Not to mention Five is basically like a daughter to him anyway. The question is if the Agent Zero arc is over or if it’s just begun.

Even though Six is back, the show is still repeating what it did last season and making him seem unreliable. He still flip flops all over the place and that makes his character unlikable. The showrunners need to decide what they’re doing with him because he no longer has a big arc to follow like Four/Ryo did.

This episode revealed two sides of the same coin with Three and Sarah. On the one hand, Three is feeling overwhelmed with being Sarah’s world, which is something I know I didn’t take into consideration. She lives to see him, and when she doesn’t, she exists and tries to entertain herself, but that has to be wildly lonely. This brings us to Sarah and how she told Two to cherish that she can connect with other people. Sarah is essentially trapped in limbo and only interacts with others when they visit her. That’s a terrible fate. The real question is why they haven’t tried putting her consciousness into an Android or something like that. I feel like that’s a thing they could try.

Lastly, The Android is acting strange. Spying on everyone while they sleep and, more importantly, aiming a gun at Three. Does this have something to do with his past and the dark deed(s) he’s done, or is this the work of a different threat?

Dark Matter airs Fridays at 9/8c on Syfy.


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