Younger 4×08 Review: “The Gelato and the Pube”

Liza is too nice for her own good. In this week’s episode we watched her try to set up both of her love interests with other women, at her expense.

Everyone at Empirical has read Pauline’s account of her life alongside Charles – intimate details and all. Charles is on the fence about publishing this book, but the truth is it’s always going to be better if he’s in charge of what information gets out there. It’s Liza who suggests that Charles meets up with Pauline to clear things up. She even offers to babysit! Charles obliges and tells Liza to shoot him an emergency text to get him out of dinner early. But dinner extends much longer than expected and Charles finds Liza asleep. He coldly thanks her and gets her a car for the ride home. Not acting like a few days prior they almost had sex and she’s not just a simple babysitter.

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The following day he apologizes for his behavior and explains that he usually shuts down when too many emotions are involved. Something Liza already knows because she knows Charles. It turns out that he’s agreed to publish the book and Pauline has specifically requested for Liza to be her editor. Liza can’t say no…a problem most nice people have. While at lunch, she realizes Pauline is still madly in love with Charles and this whole book is an attempt to win him back for good. Charles isn’t moved by this when Liza lets him know. He affirms all his feelings for Liza once again but I think we all know that this is going to get super complicated. It wouldn’t be Younger if it wasn’t messy, right?

Liza continues on her nice streak while out at the bar where her and Maggie meet up with Kelsey and Josh. While getting the group drinks, she finds out the new bartender has heart eyes for Josh and she sets them up so they can get to know each other. I find Liza’s desire for Josh to find the right woman commendable, but nonetheless a very awkward thing to do. Liza realizes she got ahead of herself and she feels the sting of Josh hitting it off with this girl all because of her doing. Liza’s good intentions could land her all alone. Just as she calls herself, a true Jane Austen.

In Diana trout’s world, things are getting uncomfortable when one of Richard’s lazy sons crashes at her apartment for a “few days.” It’s clear he’s extending his welcome when Diana is grossed out by his personal intimate habits. Younger keeps it realer than real!

All in all, it’s going to be interesting to see how the Pauline dynamic works out. Charles has pledged his feelings to Liza but there’s nothing like romantic history and Liza’s huge secret to make things even more complex.

Next week – Charles and Josh interact for the first time after the kissing/cheating scandal in the Hamptons!



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