Scandal 7×04 Review: “Lost Girls”

Cheers to positive thinking, Scandal fans! The Olivia we grew to love made her long overdue appearance on “Lost Girls”. She may not have stuck around for the entire episode, and she disappeared at the end, but it was nice to see the caring side of the B613 Command again. Even a quick glimpse of this other side was a breath of fresh air. Olivia, in her world of blackmail and manipulation, still cares about doing the right thing. Sure, it’s a very small part of her character now, but it’s still there.

Her getting involved in Fitz’s cause shows that she cares about wearing the white hat. Her recent character development had steered far away from this thinking, but when push comes to shove, she can’t turn away from it. While initially I had thought her getting involved had more to do with Fitz, I changed my thinking as “Lost Girls” progressed. Olivia worked toward making a difference and after she discovered the truth about Fitz, she still helped to find the missing girl. As much as the character has changed between seasons six and seven, there’s still some tiny part of her that can be redeemed. I’m crossing my fingers for mid-season for Olivia to revert back.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

Speaking of Fitz, he and Olivia still have major chemistry. Even though I find the character of Fitz to be smug, I can’t deny that it’s captivating to watch the fire between them. There’s a reason Fitz and Olivia was a never-ending storyline and “Lost Girls” proved that – they’re addicted to each other.  The idea of Fitz leaving Washington never seemed like a possibility; he was going to stay the minute he and Olivia were reunited. Sure, Olivia discovering Eli had something to do with it may have put a wrench in the plans, but it won’t be long before these two reconnect somehow. Give it some time, Scandal fans.

I didn’t realize how much I missed having Olivia work with her friends at QPC until I saw them together again. I miss the old days of Scandal. Olivia is at her best when the team works off each other, contributes to the success of the case, and completes the mission. The scene of her giving advice for using the mother to push the narrative is the highlight of the episode. This moment perfectly shows how Olivia balances the other members of the group; every single one of them has their strengths and weaknesses, from torturing to relationship management. Olivia is undoubtedly the one who steers the ship in the right direction and figures out the winning tactic. We’ve seen it many times before, and we saw it here again. Quinn is a great leader, but Olivia has natural intuition.

ABC/Richard Cartwright

How long do you think it will be before Glackland and Cyrus start a romance? Come on, it was so obvious. The charm and flirtation was on full force during every conversation and hangout they had together. It’s clear this storyline is being setup as a way for Cyrus to enter back into the dating world. From the few interactions we’ve seen between them, I don’t think these two will end up together by the series finale. Glackland seems like he has a devious side to him and he’s a competitive person more interested in possessions. I wouldn’t be surprised if he does something the VP doesn’t approve of or if he’s doing this simply to “win” in the end.

It’s great to see Mellie stand up to Olivia and follow her own gut. Like I mentioned above, Olivia has great intuition to make decisions. However, she’s been a little skewed since she went over to the dark side as Command. Mellie ultimately making the decision to support President Rashad did more for the cause than for her own feelings. She has the confidence to lead the nation and make the tough decisions. Though, now that he isn’t technically President for the time being, they could start a quick romance. This is Scandal, after all. Nothing is off the table.


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