Why Young Sheldon is CBS’ Comedy Goldmine

While one Sheldon Cooper leaves, in walks the next Sheldon Cooper. Since the premiere of Young Sheldon, whenever you turn on CBS, you get Sheldon Cooper. And that’s not a bad thing.

Young Sheldon is currently CBS’ comedy goldmine. Just how Disney is capitalizing on the Star Wars franchise, CBS is doing the same with Big Bang Theory’s breakout character. Young Sheldon finally gives the full, funny, sad, happy, and everything in between background on the quirkiest scientist we know and love.

What makes Young Sheldon such a hit is that, like Big Bang, there’s an array of talented actors. We all knew Iain Armitage was something special after his breakout role in Big Little Lies earlier this year, but he truly shines as 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper. He takes a character Jim Parsons gave life to and makes him all his own.


Not only is Armitage fabulous, but so are Zoe Perry, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Raegan Record, and Annie Potts, who make up the rest of the Cooper clan. From the very start, Perry steals the show as Mary Cooper. Just how Armitage makes Sheldon his own, Perry does the same with Mary, especially given that her own mother, Laurie Metcalf, plays the original Mary Cooper in Big Bang.

While these two actors originally pulled people into the show, it’s Barber and Potts who make many people stick around.

Barber’s character, George Cooper, is the strong silent type in the beginning, but as the show progresses, the writers really allowed George to shine in his own light. Barber does a great job being the loving father of a child he can’t relate to, but makes sure he finds a way. Just how Big Bang capitalizes on the “nerd” viewership, the relationship between George and Sheldon capitalizes on the relationship between a rough-and-tough dad and his gifted son. It’s not only beautiful on a familial level, but their interactions and miscommunication makes for comedy gold.


The other breakout star is Potts, who plays Sheldon’s hilarious and slightly boozed-up Meemaw. Honestly, Potts’ character could have a show all her own. While Mary is the character to support and try to understand Sheldon the best, Meemaw is probably the next in line for caring for the 9-year-old genius.

The best example is when Sheldon reveals he is good at predicting football scores. Meemaw takes that for what it is worth and uses him for gambling. While she might use him for her own gain every now and again, Meemaw does try to show Sheldon he has a gift.



For what many spin-offs lack, Young Sheldon is able to capitalize on the seeds already setup in The Big Bang Theory. The writers are able to recreate the success of Big Bang, all while still making Young Sheldon its own. Fans old and new are able to fall in love with Sheldon all over again and it’s with the help of the supporting cast.

Just how no one is ready to say goodbye to the gang in Los Angeles, we won’t be saying goodbye to the Cooper family in Texas anytime soon.


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