Once Upon a Time 7×11 Review: “Secret Garden” Found the Show’s Voice Again

Since the majority of the original cast left Once Upon a Time, the seventh and final season was struggling as a time jump occurred along with the introduction of many new characters.

During the first ten episodes of season seven, it seemed as though the show lost its voice and also its way. However, during the mid-season premiere, “Secret Garden,” it found its way back to Storybrooke and somehow found the voice it lost a year ago.

“Secret Garden” went behind the characters it introduced in the first half of the season. It explored more of the complexity of Zelena’s daughter, Robin, and how she found her true calling and that of her father’s, archery, while also ending the storyline of Rapunzel/Victoria.

After sacrificing her granddaughter Lucy, Henry and Cinderella/Jacinda’s daughter, so her daughter Anastasia could live, Victoria rights her wrong. Her character is finally redeemed as she sacrifices herself for her family.

Victoria gives Gothel an amulet so Lucy will reawaken from her slumber. But that’s not what the wicked witch wants, instead she uses the jewel to suck the life from Drizella, Victoria’s eldest daughter. While Drizella and her mother didn’t have the best relationship, Victoria always loved her and jumped in front of Drizella to save her.


Victoria sacrificed herself so not only would her daughter live, but also her granddaughter. It was a life for a life and it was also a move that made Victoria a somewhat likable character.

By killing Victoria this will hopefully propel the storyline further and get these characters out of Hyperion Heights and back in Storybrooke where they belong. This whole new world has been pointless and honestly uninteresting.

Lucy waking up from her almost-deadly slumber is the step in the right direction for Once Upon a Time. Not only did her hospital visit reveal she is definitely Henry’s daughter in the world of Hyperion Heights, but that someone is trying to hide that fact. A mysterious person killed Lucy’s doctor after she realized Henry’s blood test matched Lucy’s.


The creators, Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, have promised to bring back faces from the original cast as well as a clean ending to the series in the final eleven episodes. While not all questions will be answered, here is to hoping that these fairytale characters find their way back to Storybrooke so they won’t forever be living in this secondary world of Hyperion Heights.


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