Once Upon a Time 7×13 Review: “Knightfall” Tackles Family Drama

In a very slow and slightly boring episode, it took almost 41 minutes for “Knightfall” to grab our attention. The way it did so was by going back to the beginning and mimicking the relationship that started the entire adventure that is Once Upon A Time.

The theme followed both Hook and Lucy. Each character was on their path to fix their family. We finally learn why “new” Hook and his daughter, Alice, can never touch. If you recall, Alice is technically the daughter of both Hook and Mother Gothel. To torture Hook, she locked Alice in her tower to live out her days.

New Hook is very similar, if not the same, to Old Hook, who fans grew to love as he fell madly for Emma Swan. Just like the original, this Hook wants to keep his family together. He goes to the ends of the earth to break the curse of his daughter. Hook even goes against his better judgment and turns to Rumpelstiltskin, who has been greatly missed this season.

After gambling and dueling with Captain Ahab, we learn the curse that has plagued Hook and Alice for years was due to a poisoned bullet. After trying to break of the curse, Mother Gothel reveals the bullet used in the duel against Captain Ahab was lined with the curse. When the bullet hit Hook, it cursed him from ever being close to the ones he loves.


It’s a sad storyline, but it’s honestly one that didn’t need to be told. It’s unfortunate that Colin O’Donoghue’s talent isn’t being capitalized upon this season. He used to bring fire and chemistry to every scene when he was battling against Rumple or helping to save Emma. This final season has taken Colin for granted as the writers have created this doppelganger of sorts to live out another life.

As for another family dealing with drama, Lucy is doing what she can to be the next Henry. This was the plot point during the season six finale when she showed up at Henry’s front door stating he was her father. Since then she has tried to remind people they’re cursed but the storyline hasn’t really focused on it like it did with Henry and Emma in season one.

After learning about that Henry would die if he kissed Jacinda, Lucy tells her mother she no longer believes in fairytales. This poor girl who wants her family back together so bad she has to do all she can to make sure they stay apart, just so her father can live. In a way, she might be stronger than young Henry ever was.

Thankfully, the writers found their way back to their original point of this final season as Lucy turns to Regina for help. Lucy reveals what she knows and for her help to ensure that Henry doesn’t die. Thankfully, Regina reveals that she is awake and not only believes Lucy, but will help her bring their family back together.


It’s a great parallel between when Henry first came to Emma as he sought to help her remember and remind everyone of their true identities. Like the dynamic duo before them, Lucy and Regina have code names and a mission. Along with making sure everyone remembers, their main operation is to make sure Henry, the true believer, survives.


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