‘Succession’ teaser trailer: More “kinda dramatic” family issues ahead in season 3

The comedy-drama show, Succession, resumes this fall, looking more dramatic than ever. HBO released the Succession season three teaser trailer July 6.

Created by Jesse Armstrong (Peep Show and Fresh Meat), Succession first aired on HBO June 3, 2018. The show already has a fan base who can’t wait to watch the cliffhanger from season two unfold.

Succession revolves around the Roy family, owners of the American Conglomerate, Waystar RoyCo. The corporation owns businesses that fit in the area of media and entertainment, as well parks and cruises. The patriarch of the family, Logan (Brian Cox), suffers with health problems. Because of Logan’s declining health and his role as head of the company, a big question in Succession is: who will take over his role as CEO?

The position is up for grabs between his four children: the eldest son Connor (Alan Ruck), second oldest Kendall (Jeremy Strong), the youngest son Roman (Kieran Culkin), and the youngest and only daughter Siobhan (Sarah Snook).

During the course of the show, Kendall, although most likely the successor, struggles to prove his worth to his father with incompentent business deals and his battle with substance abuse. However, a new problem arises. The cruise scandal, resulting after murders and sexual assaults took place on Waystar RoyCo’s cruises, puts the family in a sticky situation.

Ultimately, at the end of season two, Logan selects his son Kendall, out of all of his children, to take the blame for the cruise misconduct. Here, Logan risks his son going to jail strictly to save his business.

However, with an intense last episode of season two, Kendall publicly announced that his father knew all about the cruise misconduct from the start, compromising Logan’s role as CEO.

In the teaser trailer, season three of Succession explores the aftermath of Randall’s public confession and his father’s rage. Will Logan go to jail? Will Logan remain CEO? The teaser shows Kendall calling everything that happened a “revolution.” In season three, the Roy family get plenty of juicy reportage on the TV, cameras following them around and reporters (most likely) trying to get all of the details.


Full of dramatic and comedic moments, Succession season three looks like it has an intense start. The drama between the Roy’s will continue to live on.

Succession season three will stream on HBO Max fall 2021, the date to be determined.



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