‘Loki’ season one finale review: What makes a Loki a Loki

The season finale of Loki asks the big questions like what being a Loki means, as well as learning self-love. The episode begins with Loki (Tom Hiddleston), and Sylvie (Sophie De Martino) approaching the Citadel after defeating Alioth last episode. As they approach the Citadel, the two brace to meet the ones behind the TVA. Though Loki shows some reluctance, Sylvie dead set on taking down the TVA for good.

While the two have spent the series growing closer and seeing the flaws they have in each other, Loki has grown kinder than where he started the series. Because this version of Loki is fresh off his defeat in the first Avengers, all of Loki’s growth in the original MCU timeline isn’t present at the start of the series; it’s nice to get see that growth here when the other MCU films didn’t get as much time to show it. 

Throughout the show, he has developed kindness and openly admits to feeling changed. Sylvie, on the other hand, has grown to care for Loki while still staying rooted in her mission to defeat and kill whoever is behind the TVA. Her pain is a defining factor in her character because she suffered from complete isolation and ran away for decades. 

Inside the Citadel, they are greeted by Miss Minutes, a small clock animation that offers them the ability to exist on the Sacred Timeline doing what they both dreamed of before the series: Loki the option to rule Asgard and be the hero of the main MCU Timeline, and Sylvie to have existed in normal life. However, the two were determined to complete their journey and choose to meet He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors). 

Majors put on the most unsettling yet calming performance of any character in the show. He sits them down to give them the rundown on what the TVA actually is—a result of a multiversal war caused by the many variants. Several times throughout the conversation, Sylvie tries to kill He Who Remains but finds that he knows exactly what the pair will do before they do it.

He warns Loki and Sylvie that killing him will result in other versions of him running amuck. He makes it clear that while he wants to keep the peace, the part of him that wishes for a little chaos allowed for this all to happen. Loki and Sylvie share different views on how to deal with He Who Remains—Loki seems hesitant to kill him, but Sylvie disagrees. 


While Loki has already made it clear that he has feelings for Sylvie, she has not outright reciprocated. They discuss as they fight that Loki cannot be trusted while Sylvie cannot trust. She kisses him only to send him back to the TVA, choosing to slay He Who Remains, who dies with a smile on his face knowing that this is not the last Sylvie will see of him. 

Loki runs through the TVA to warn Mobius (Owen Wilson), who has already proven to the rest of the TVA that Renslayer (GuGu Mbath-Raw) and the rest of them are all Variants who have been lied to by the TVA. Unfortunately, it is too late, and the future He Who Remains takes over the TVA.


Loki and Sylvie had an earlier discussion about what made a Loki a Loki, and they agreed that it was surviving a loss. Loki looks incredibly disappointed not to be recognized by Mobius. It shows a sense of defeat on his part, but Sylvie shares an equal level of disappointment when she finally kills the man who took her future from her. The two are Loki variants, but they don’t seem to be complete with their journeys without the other, even if they are winning.

Loki’s journey on self-love and the ultimate betrayal of Sylvie makes clear that just because you learn to love parts of yourself doesn’t mean the journey is complete. Loki still has a lot to learn about himself and his place in the new world order.

He Who Remains is currently assumed to be Kang the Conqueror as the statue in the TVA matches his comic book costume. The end credits revealed that unlike other Marvel series so far, such as Wandavision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, it will be returning with a second season. 

All episodes of Loki are available on Disney+.



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