The Hottest Guys of The CW

I am still mourning the loss of The CW’s Star-Crossed. To ease my pain, I decided to take a trip down memory lane and recall all of the hottest guys from The CW. Feel free to field me with pitch forks and cries of rage if I forget your favorite hottie.

1. Matt Lanter

How are you even real. Who are you? It is of the genetic gods that Matt Lanter graces this earth. Hailing from Ohio, Matt Lanter has appeared on shows such as The CW’s 90210 remake, and played Liam Court, along with Star-Crossed where he played morally conflicted alien Roman. He seems like the type of dude to be okay if you had a kid from a previous relationship or if you had any weirdo ex baggage. I’m sure Matt Lanter would still be there to hold your hand. Or bang. Whichever.

2. Austin Butler

Pardon me, I seemed to have dropped my underwear, and I am in NO rush to pick them back up. I mean cheese and rice, I am pretty convinced that there is a super attractive people factory and he just strolled right out of its front doors. Austin Butler played Sebastian Kydd on The Carrie Diaries and for a hypothetically 16 or 17 year old male was super patient, and chill. Like, too chill. Although he was super into doing sex which is again, fine in my book. What makes him so hot is that fictionally, he was always down with his girl supporting her no matter what, and it seems that that same notion has translated in real life. *Sigh* Yes world, Austin Butler has been dating the insignificant Vanessa Hudgens for a couple of years now. If he can tolerate her in real life, he can certainly tolerate one of his fans crying that they will never touch his perfectly pouty mouth with theirs.

3. Thomas McDonnell


Oh excuse me, did someone order a side of BABEFOX?

New to The CW, Thomas McDonnell plays Finn Collins on The 100. (Sidebar: great show adapted from an even better book). Thomas McDonnell plays the comedic relief in the super serious post nuclear warfare futuristic space drama. Although he did two time his girlfriend in space with a girl on Earth but to be fair he never thought he’d see her again! Thomas McDonnell has the sort of face that even if he did bang another girl behind your back, you’d still probably take him back with open arms like a new puppy that just peed on your carpet. So cute, yet so bad for you.

4. Cress Williams


Oh. Sorry. My heart just stopped a minute. I mean DANG. Cress Williams who plays Lavon Hayes on Hart of Dixie has a GREAT broody emotional teenage boy face when he is pining for a girl he loves. Did I mention his body is ON POINT? Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally love a guy that is not cut like a diamond but I mean, Cress Williams clearly deserves a standing ovation for his hard work in the gym, and probably strict diet regimen of some weird green juice and quinoa super protein burger.

*An honorable mention to Scott Porter and Wilson Bethel, and by honorable I mean honorably giving you sex dreams since the first season.*

5. Toby Regbo


He’s like a grown cherub angel. That soft, gorgeous pale skin, heavenly blue eyes, soft as a cloud blonde hair, swoon.

Toby Regbo plays King Francis on Reign. He could Reign over me any day. Eh? Eh? No. I give up. He’s sheerly on this list because 1. Look for yourself 2. Look for yourself and 3. Refer to 1 and 2. The character of King Francis is really good at banging Queen Mary, and giving her looks of love that I am 1,000 percent convinced translate off screen as well. If uh, you guys ever need a King Francis sex scene double I have a more than open schedule. *wink*

6. Ian Somerhalder

I’m running out of ways to say that these guys are f**king hot.

Honestly, I don’t watch much of The Vampire Diaries, but that doesn’t meant I can’t appreciate virtually every beautiful person on that show. Straight out of a J.Crew catalog with a jaw that could probably cut you like a blade, Ian Somerhalder almost always posts some sort of sultry selfie on his Instagram account (including many animal photos). If I were Ian Somerhalder’s PR person I would give myself a nice long pat on the back, a paid vacation to a foreign country of my choice, and a Pulitzer.

7. Stephen Amell

On a scale of 1-instant bang: INSTANT. BANG.

Stephen Amell plays Oliver Queen on The CW’s Arrow. Honestly, I’ve yet to watch any more than 10-20 minutes of this show. I know, I know, boo-hiss me all you want but enough people post about this on Tumblr that I feel like I know him through the show, and thus has ended up on this list. What makes Stephen Amell so hot is his whole L.L. Bean/Eddie Bauer MAN type look. He looks like the type of guy to take you to Cape May and have your beach side cottage decorated with all of your favorite flowers before hand. He’d probably let you eat the last of any ice cream in the freezer and let you sleep that ten extra minutes in the morning because you don’t want to get up first.

And there we have it! The CW’s HOTTEST.

Did I forget anyone? Leave a comment and let me know of any QT’s I might have left off this list!


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