TV Show Review: Top 5 reasons why you should see “Allen Gregory”

By: LucianaVee

First of all, I should say that I’m not the type of person who actually sits down in front of the TV with the sole purpose of watching comedic cartoons, but for FOX’s new TV show, “Allen Gregory”, I made an exception. Have I watched “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “Futurama”, etc? Yes I have, but you know I watch them here and there, it’s not like I watch them religiously or anything.

So when I first found out that FOX was doing a comedic cartoon using Jonah Hill’s voice for the main character (which is hilarious by the way), I was down to see what “Allen Gregory” was all about.

Surprisingly enough, I ended up loving it. Two episodes aired already and I can’t wait to see more of Allen’s obnoxious 7-year-old mind. Yes, you read that right: he’s 7 years old.

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should watch it:

1. Not your typical comedic cartoon show, in my opinion, this one goes a little bit further with the sarcasm which most of the time is the humor of the show. Things like a 7 year old dealing with issues as someone releasing a sex tape about him to me are just hilarious because of the irony of the situation.

2. Allen Gregory isn’t the nicest kid out there, but that is exactly why I like him because we never get to love the evil character. He’s pretentious, manipulative, he’s a child who has been given everything and once he starts high school he thinks people act for his benefit. Little does he know that the world is the complete opposite and it’s pretty much every man to himself. In this show I love the way he processes things, it’s like a 30 year old is trapped in a 7 year old body. Jonah Hill’s tone and condescending jokes just make Allen 10 times more funny.


3. Allen’s Cambodian adopted sister, Julie, who is like the wiser mind of the whole cast. She is the one who actually knows what she’s talking about, but of course is overshadowed by the fact that she was adopted, seeming more like Hollywood families who just adopt kids from around the world only for attention. She’s like Daria, Lisa Simpson and a girl version of Simon from Misfits had a baby and that was Julie. Also, Allen’s dad Richard and his boyfriend Jeremy, are a fun couple to watch raising both Allen and Julie, often giving them the wrong types of advice.

4. Allen’s weird crush on his principal Mrs Gottlieb and his relationship with Ms Winthrop . If you watch the first episode, tell me you didn’t laugh during the scene of Allen’s fantasy with Mrs Gottlieb. And about Ms Winthrop which Allen calls her by her first name, Gina, you have to admit while you were in school wouldn’t you have wanted to talk down to your teacher? As equals? I know I would have loved to!

5. Allen’s friend Patrick, who actually thinks and acts like a 7 year old and gives the show a reality check everytime Allen gets one of his crazy ideas.

Allen Gregory airs on FOX, Sundays at 8:30/7:30c





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