TV Review: Awkward. 4×10-“Snow Job”

BlRYTc3CUAA0BiaPreviously on Awkward.: Eva tried to convince Jenna that she and Matty had sex in her bed, but Jenna isn’t buying it. Eva blackmailed Sadie with that picture of her and Matty sleeping, but our Queen S. wasn’t having it. Essentially, Eva’s mind games don’t work on girls.

Senior ski trip time! Sadie wants to talk Black Diamond with Matty, but he cuts her off. “Sadie, Eva and I are here as a couple,” he explains. Matty, this isn’t your honeymoon or golden anniversary; it’s a school trip. You’re both here as students. Eva convinced him that Sadie likes him and was upset that he didn’t return her feelings after HE drunkenly kissed her. Matty reaffirms his love for her as a friend, which is lovely, but Sadie is busy letting out a guttural shriek and attacking Eva. Val boots Sadie from the trip.

Luke surprises Jenna and joins their senior trip! That’s not weird at all! While that couple is waiting for the ski lift, Eva trips Jenna. Matty hangs back to help her and they end up on the ski lift together. Matty doesn’t believe Jenna’s “far-fetched” Eva’s-underwear-in-the-bed stunt theory and requests that she back off.

Sadie and food truck Sergio seek out Eva’s house. Surprise, surprise: Eva isn’t who she says she is! The Real Eva shows Sadie and Sergio the stolen credit card bills and legal papers, but the name of the guilty party has been redacted since she’s a minor. Using Sergio’s dad’s police connections, Sadie and Sergio find Eva’s trailer park residence, featuring a psycho murder wall and a con artist’s supply of IDs/credit cards. Sadie calls Matty to word vomit about Eva’s shady business. Eva intercepted the message and tosses the phone into the freezer.

Luke is over Jenna and Eva’s childish games. He blew off studying to be here! Cry about it dude, you’re a patronizing, self-important college freshman. Jenna wants to make it up to him, but gets distracted by Sadie’s Eva intel. Apparently Eva was kicked out of the school system at 9 years old for stabbing a kid in the face, so while I was wrong about the whole undercover cop thing I was right about the sociopath-in-training thing.

Those random hipsters are bored with the “hetero ghetto” hook ups in the works, so they organize a key party. They pair off Lissa and her stepbrother, Jake and Tamara, and Jenna’s roommate Gloria with five dudes for nights of passion with a side of awkward.

Eva and Matty’s great escape brought them to crash at a “family friend’s” cabin (read: she broke in to a stranger’s house). Eva ignores Sadie’s and Jenna’s phone calls, but Sadie uses Sergio’s family connection to trace the phone call. Sergio gets serious for a minute: “Let me know when you’re safe. You think you’re this tough bitch, but I know you’re a fragile princess.” Sadie responds like you’d expect her to: “Fuck off.” I wasn’t totally sold on Sergio earlier this season (some of his comments went too sexual harassment-y) but I could dig a Sergio/Sadie pairing. Sadie allows one hit to her pride, telling Jenna she’d feel better if they confronted the couple together.

Jenna and Sadie drop the Eva-is-a-compulsive-liar bomb on Matty, but he claims none of it matters to him since she’s his girlfriend. This is what we call crazy talk. Eva countermoves with her own bomb: she’s pregnant. Dun dun DUUUUUN. I f I were Matty, I’d hesitate to believe her, but sure. My question is WHY DID WE NOT SHOW MATTY THE PSYCHO MURDER WALL PICTURE?


Key party results revealed! Jakara reunited not for a hook up, but to play video games for six hours and apologize to each other for the past few months of loony, dickish behavior. Lissa, matched with her foster brother, takes the black out as a thumbs up from God and they hook up.

Sadie gives Eva the third degree about this so-called pregnancy. Eva claims they used protection all the time, “but if this is what the universe wants…” VOM. Matty tells Jenna he’s sticking by Eva and this (supposed) unborn child because he refuses to give any child of his up for adoption.

Matty suggests Eva take another pregnancy. While the gang waits for results, Jenna calls Luke. He breaks up with her, condescendingly telling her she has a lot of growing up to do. I think that helping one of your friends in spite of their ire is a decently mature thing to do, but whatever. BYE LUKE. Sadie and Jenna have a friend moment and bond over break ups. Eva ruins it by pulling out her positive pregnancy test.

Well Awkward. Season 4, it’s been real. While there was a still a little reliance on the same storylines (Jenna’s jealousy, Jakara’s issues), this season brought in a few new characters (Eva, Luke) and new conflicts—Eva’s con artistry and Luke’s warped sense of college, for some. I’m hoping that Jenna and company finish off high school with a bang—based on that last few minutes, it’s looking good for us.


Episode Rating: 8/10

Season Rating: 7/10


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