TV Review: Pretty Little Liars 5×11 “No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”

Spencer wants the truth to set them all free. But “A” isn’t having it. Just as they’re going to head towards the police department, “A” gives them a cryptic message using a store’s TV screens showing footage of Ali visiting Hanna at the hospital. There’s no way the police will believe them when they say they didn’t know that Ali was alive all along. “A” knew exactly how to destroy Spencer’s plan and she’s feeling pretty bummed. Once again, the PLLs are trapped by “A” and Alison’s lies. It’s becoming confusing for the PLLs to separate “A” from Allison since many times they’re capable of pulling some of the same stunts. The only presence we got to see from Ali this week was her pestering calls to all her friends. However, none of them have the energy nor desire to answer her. If “A’s” plan was to divide this group of friends against Alison, it’s working very well, as they continue having “bad thoughts,” as Hannah calls them towards their dear friend.

Emily, Alison’s number one supporter, has certainly jumped ship. She’s decided to turn to Ezra for help in order to figure out what Alison has really been up to. She provides Ezra with one of the pictures she got from Noel’s folder. It shows Alison with a man whose back is facing the camera.

Meanwhile, Caleb hasn’t stopped drinking. Hannah is getting scared and thankfully she’s taking action to get him help. She and Spencer pull in Toby to help get through to Caleb. Spencer made a pretty good point when she said to never underestimate the power of a bromance. Certainly, Toby did everything he could until Caleb couldn’t handle admitting he’s using alcohol to cover up graver problems. I love that Caleb isn’t just Hannah’s boyfriend but that he’s actually their friend and they care enough to stage a mini intervention. Hannah, however, knows just how to corner Caleb. He may not be the same sweet guy we loved pre-Ravenswood, but nevertheless he loves Hannah wholeheartedly. Hannah is incredibly understanding when Caleb spills his guts about all of the supernatural events that occurred in Ravenswood.  I originally thought it was only guilt that was consuming Caleb, but maybe he’s still being haunted because, really, what was the deal with all those lightning bugs outside of his cabin’s window? Creepy!

One of the big reveals of the night was Melissa’s secret. Finally we know what’s been tearing her apart and it’s scary enough that she’s left for England. It turns out that Melissa saw Spencer carrying a shovel that night. She later saw what seemed to be Alison lying on the ground dead. She never turned over the body, and assuming that Spencer was the one who killed her, she threw the body into the ground and covered it up with dirt. It’s now that she realizes that it was Bethany Young who she buried alive. Technically, she’s the one who finished killing off Bethany Young. It’s extremely crucial and important information that Melissa left behind. Now Spencer isn’t sure what to do with it. She could very well turn it in to the police, but the consequences could be very dire, not just from the police but from “A.” I do believe Melissa did it out of love for her sister. The Hastings may be cold and competitive individuals, but at the end of the day they’re sisters who truly do care for one another.


We also got to see a great moment between Mona and Aria while at the theater. Aria follows Mona after she runs off to the bathroom because of a harsh comment Aria made to her. And even though these two have had their share of bad history together, we get to see that maybe Mona isn’t such a monster. If anything, I truly believe she has a personality disorder. Whether it was brought on or enforced by the bullying that Alison put her through is a totally different story.


One thing I am sure about with Mona is that she genuinely does have feelings for Mike, and this at least gives Aria and me a bit of relief. Mona also knows quite a bit more than she lets on, and what she doesn’t know she can guess at. It was nice to see Mona more fragile rather than as the fearless army leader. I’m not saying I would be best friends with her; you always need to have your eyes open with Mona.


Tanner has been circling the PLLs like a shark. She’s finally able to catch Aria, Hannah and Emily all together and spooks them pretty bad when she mentions how they’re trying to find a connection between them and Bethany Young. Tanner is another one who knows much more than she lets on. She aggravates me most of the time she’s on the screen with her sarcasm and sly smile. She’s extremely calculating in her every word and move. Tanner pays Mr. Montgomery a visit and she very well knows that Aria is somewhere in the house listening in on the conversation. She reveals that Aria is an interest for the Rosewood police as they believe she may be involved in a homicide. That was enough to make Aria panic.


But the real bomb was when she lets on that she’s been waiting for one of the girls to come forward with the “truth.” She’s looking forward to having a chat with one of them the following day. Aria meets up with Spencer and Emily and tells them everything she overheard. Spencer also reveals Melissa’s secret to them. None of them, including Hannah, have spoken with Tanner and so it only leaves one girl who has—Allison.


I’m guessing she’s been fed up with being ignored and is probably connecting the dots that the girls are trying to cut ties with her. As much as Alison is their friend, the only person her loyalty truly lies with is herself. I wish I could predict what Alison may have up her sleeve, but with PLL I can never figure it out.

However, Spencer and the girls have two things in their favor: the picture that Ezra was able to find of Ali and Cyrus at a train station 16 months ago and the video that Melissa left behind. The question is, how are these girls going to use it? Are they going to jump the gun and assume that Alison is ready to pull them under the bus? Are they willing to bring Alison down to save themselves?

Next week is the epic fAtal finale and all of the previews have been saying that one of the characters will die. On this show it could be anyone. We see Hannah crying next to Emily so I’m really hoping it’s not Caleb. It could also be Melissa but I don’t think Spencer could deal with that right now; it would probably get her back into Radley. Someone also appears with handcuffs. Who could be getting arrested and for what? I have a feeling that whoever does, it will be done unjustly. This episode was not the most exciting but it was definitely packed with information, setting everything up for next week.

Do you have any guesses as to what could happen in the fAtal finale?

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