TV Review: Awkward. 4×21-“Sprang Break, Part Two”

BlRYTc3CUAA0Bia1Despite the recent upsets, Jenna’s committing herself to having a good time. As Matty and Gabby leave for a fishing trip with his biological dad, Jenna requests to meet him sometime. Gabby makes it clear that it’s not her place. Jake is rejected by Northwestern, putting a damper on his partying. Ally is annoyed that the teenagers are being lame, and even more upset that Ma Lacey bails on the beach because she isn’t feeling well. TEN BUCKS SHE’S PREGNANT. She’s pregnant! “NOOOOOO!” Ally shouts as she walks in on Ma Lacey delivering the news to Kevin. New problem: how do they tell Jenna?

Val’s intense desire to swim with dolphins leads her to pet sharks. When Will shows Val her shredded arm, she faints. “Every minute we’re not embracing life we’re embracing death,” Val says later. “In that case, this patio is a fucking morgue,” Ally replies. Val and Will have decided to seize the day and quit their school jobs to travel the world.

Sergio is upset about Sadie’s constant negativity. He declines her invitation for drinks, leaving Sadie with Tamara as her only companion. They run into Jenna and her new friends. “Can I ask you something?” the guy Sadie nearly beans with a shot glass asks. “Her name is Lissa and it’s a really good time for you because she’s pissed at god and will do ANYTHING,” she replies without missing a beat. He says he’s only interested in her, but she blows him off. “You’re bitchy! I like that,” he says. “Oh, so you’re gay!” Sadie responds. Nope.

Jenna’s new beau Brian introduces Tamara to his friend Adam, who she finds so interesting that she forgets to talk. Jenna’s surprised by that, but her jaw drops when Tamara flashes a ring in her direction. They’re engaged! IS SHE CRAZY? I think Our Girl T needs to have a heart to heart with a certain snow queen:

“The truth is we’ll probably date for a few months and then break up over Skype, but for now, let me live my romantic dream!” Tamara says, when Jenna tries Elsa’s approach. Surprise! Adam is being sent to California for nine months before he’s shipped out to the Gulf—if they get a jump on it, he and Tamara can have their wedding before he leaves! This kind of wrecks Tamara’s fairy tale/break up plan.

Matty’s dad is doing about everything to prove that he knows basically nothing about him. He’s very focused on how amazing Gabby is—after all, any girl that would seek out Matty’s dad herself is both a keeper and a soulmate. Except that Jenna was the one who did that…

Badass Lissa and the hipsters decide they’re breaking her father out of gay rehab, but he’s disappeared from the facility. Lissa realizes that she’s dancing with her dad at the club. He reveals that the hipsters texted him to inform him of Lissa’s location. He asserts that god isn’t against gay people and that now that he knows that, he feels even closer to god. Lissa is excited; not believing in things is too hard.


Jake finds Gabby by herself—Matty is upset and went for a walk. Gabby realizes that she’s not the one he wants to talk to, and the duo bonds over doing everything right and still not getting what they want. They hug and it’s a nice moment. Of course they’re going to wreck their friendship for me by sleeping together.

Ma Lacey tells Jenna she’s pregnant. “Looks like you’re the only Hamilton girl who’s going to college,” Ma Lacey says dejectedly. Jenna insists that she can still go to college—with daycare and Kevin’s help, there’s no reason for a second Hamilton baby to derail Ma Lacey’s higher education dreams.

The dude with Sadie is telling her she’s beautiful, but his words remind her of Sergio. “Someone does tell me I’m gorgeous every day. Some idiot, that I treat like shit, which he totally deserves.” She goes back to the house and apologizes to Sergio, who isn’t having it without an explanation. “Maybe I was being such a bitch because I don’t know what to do about you. I don’t want to miss you.” He comforts her a little. “I don’t want to miss you if I go,” she says quietly. “Too fucking bad,” he replies. It’s a nice moment, despite the language.

Matty comes to find Jenna, who’s out on a walk with Brian. Ma Lacey pleads with Matty to let Jenna go—after all, he’s broken her heart enough. Matty seems to be in a bit of disbelief about this statement, but he leaves regardless.


“You’re my best friend, you’re pretty much the only person I trust,” Matty says to Jake, twisting the guilt knife. Matty explains that he and Gabby aren’t right for each other, a point that was hammered into him when his dad labeled her his soul mate. Jake backs off, neglecting to tell Matty about his most recent indiscretion. Matty laments that he missed his chance with Jenna.

That’s a wrap for this season! Man, sometimes it’s like three steps forward, two steps back with these people. I’m curious about what the fifth and final season will bring—after all, there might be a wedding!

Episode Rating: 8/10



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