TV Review: The 100 2×14 “Bodyguard of Lies”


The 100 really blew through season 1 as it set up a whole new world for its viewers. So as season 2 has progressed we have seen that they have taken their time to elaborate on character growth, problem solving and world building.

Many of us assumed that many things would get solved quickly once Clarke escaped from Mount Weather but instead all of her friends are still stuck in there.

The second half of season 2 has progressed even slower. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing in this case. Season 1 set the foundation quickly and so the writers needed to take more time in order to show its viewers the dynamic between the members of the different tribes.

Things are much more complex on Earth than anyone ever imagined.

This episode is setting up the events for the season’s two-part finale that begins next week.

Lexa and Clarke are still waiting for Bellamy to disarm the acid fog so that they can move forward and wage war on Mount Weather. Unfortunately, Bellamy has failed at his attempts and his cover as Lovejoy is blown; Cage is aware that there’s an infiltrator.

Lexa’s army is anxiously waiting on the battle lines to hear the sound of war to proceed. As the tension builds and Clarke still hasn’t heard anything her thoughts are beginning to drown her in helplessness. She’s beginning to question all of the decisions she’s made recently—you know letting 250 people die? And she’s wondering if sending Bellamy in, knowing she could’ve send him to die too, was really a great move? Clarke, it’s a little too late to be thinking about that. Ugh.


Lexa tries to convince Clarke to stop planning and thinking so much. Clarke, however, is the least chill person on Earth. It’s part of her nature to problem solve and she hasn’t known how to do anything else but figure out how to survive since her feet touched the ground. She didn’t pick to be a leader, it just happened—Lexa calls it destiny. But Clarke’s only motivation was to help her people survive. She’s exhausted, knowing there has to be more to life than just surviving? Clarke is breaking down and as she sees Lexa looking stone cold she can’t help but verbal vomit all over about Lexa’s ruthless, feeling-less rule.

And that’s when it happened. The moment that all of the Internet was going bonkers for.

Lexa leans in and kisses Clarke—who does NOT pull away.


A little bit of this scene was leaked and the show’s creator and executive producer, Jason Rothenberg wasn’t too thrilled.
This scene had as many lovers and haters to it. Many fans are still crossing their fingers for some Bellarke action, me included.

Either way, it might be a while before anything happens again.

Clarke pulls away and tells Lexa she’s not ready to be with someone—anyone. The truth is with war waging and missiles being launched, Clarke has yet to fully grieve Finn’s death. She also knowingly allowed 250 people to die, has 44 of her people imprisoned at Mt. Weather waiting for her and sent her very cherished friend to be an undercover agent.

Girl has a lot on her plate, Lexa. Chill.


Yet, in that moment it was clear that Lexa dared to open her heart for once. It’s the most vulnerable she’s ever been. Clarke was able to read her like a book and her leadership strength and heart is definitely what has captured Lexa’s attention.

But things will have to hold off, as Bellamy has to use his last resort to attempt to access the area where the acid fog is contained. Wick and Raven help guide Bellamy to stabilize the acid’s Ph level. They were sure they had succeeded and so Raven set off the glare that alerted the grounder troops to move forward.

In that moment of happiness from success, Wick and Raven gave into their passions, for one another. It’s here where we found out that his full name is Kyle Wick. HELLO KYLE!

Raven is very much self-conscious about her leg injury and brace. Even though she gives in to temptation with Wick she doesn’t allow herself to completely soak in the moment. Kyle assures her that he’s completely down for the relationship that can come out from this—he’s serious about his intention and therefore his affection. But, Raven isn’t there yet and shrugs off his offer. I only hope that Wick can change her mind with time. Raven really does deserve a good thing right now. Wick gets her. After losing her best friend, she needs that.

But as Wick and Raven were wrapped up, Bellamy was fighting for his life.

It turns out that Cage had intercepted the radio frequency between Raven and Bellamy and only made it seem like they had been able to diffuse the acid. It’s a little too late to stop the army as they march full speed.

Bellamy is cornered into an air vent as the guards invade the acid fog area trying to capture him. He shoots from within trying to kill the guard and instead ends up hitting and oxygen tank and the entire area explodes as he’s propelled from its force—safe and sound! Realistic? I’m not sure, but Bellamy is alive so what else matters?

In that moment Cage realizes that he doesn’t have anything else to protect him from the sky/grounders’ attack. The acid was all they had and now the only thing containing them in safety are the walls of Mount Weather—much like a cage! See what I did there? HA!


Octavia and Indra are completely aware about the fact that Lexa and Clarke knew about the missile. Octavia is furious and basically wants to choke Clarke. Indra, however, understands that this is war. The enemy is to blame and her respect for the commander is admirable. Octavia has no choice but to fall in line—but it’s clear she’s 100% grounder now.

In other looney bin news, Jaha is still trying to get his small crew to the City of Light. I tell you, this storyline better be interesting because I can’t stand Jaha hogging precious TV time from others. I like Murphy more than Jaha. Yeah, I just said that.

They’re down to four as a few others were blown up by the land mines they encountered hidden in the desert. They made it to the apparent City of Light, which actually turns out to be a vast field full of solar panels—hence the Light it reflects. Why was there a drone circling this desolate place? Who knows but Jaha’s natural reaction is that they must follow it. He insists they follow the drone into the sea on a small boat.

At which point Murphy delivers the best line of this whole episode: “Tell me, what level of crazy is too much for you?” It was truly great.

As the season finale is looming and with this new direction Jaha is going, it could be that we get to meet a new aspect of this world. In which case I will quit complaining about him because I am interested in knowing more about what’s out there.

Everything is aligning into place for an epic season finale.

I can not wait.

The 100 always manages to pull these secret cards from under their sleeves.

I no longer enter with any ideas except with high expectations to be in full suspense, thrill and basic cardiac arrest as I watch.

Any theories about this drone?

Are you team Lexarke or Bellarke?!

Do you think anyone will die this time?

Let us hope not.


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