Who should win the “Game of Thrones”?


With season five well underway, we asked some of the staff their choice for who should win the Game of Thrones. There are many fan favorites, but do all of them have what it takes to rule Westeros?

Find out which characters we think should take The Iron Throne.

Allyson Johnson’s Choice: Margaery Tyrell

Okay, so hear me out: Sansa belongs in Winterfell. Daenerys has proven she doesn’t know how to lead very well and is angry when people don’t follow her ideology. The Lanisters need to stay far, far away from the Throne (yes even Tyrion) due to their familial corruption. Arya is awesome, but also the feral Stark. I don’t think she’d want the throne if it was offered to her. Jon Snow, in my opinion, will always belong in the North.The Tyrell family is smart and a little cunning, and Margaery knows how to play the game, while also being an affable leader. The Iron Throne doesn’t necessarily need the most ruthless player or the one who technically has a staked claim to it (Looking at you, Stannis), but the one who knows the game, plays it well, while refusing to partake in more sinister rules.


Melissa Berne’s Choice: Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys should take the throne because I believe she has the most honorable intentions. She really does want to make the world a better place. While Margaery, I feel, is more political. She shows compassion at times, but is it genuine or is it just because she wants to be queen?

And let’s not forget that she was willing to marry a psychopath to do that. A flaw her grandmother was quick to fix with a little Purple Wedding…

Dany doesn’t want the throne just because of her name and birthright (Looking at you, Stannis), even though Targareyns ruled BEFORE the Baratheons.

The task of making the world a better place is not simple, and that’s something she’s learning and working on. She stayed in Mereen so that she can learn to rule. She realizes that if she can’t rule and bring peace in Slaver’s Bay, why should she rule all seven kingdoms? She is confident but doesn’t let her ego get in the way. She has a great combination of being tough and also showing compassion. When she makes a mistake, she learns from it and strategizes her next move. Easily, the Khaleesi should take the Iron Throne.


Bri Lockhart’s Choice: Daenerys Targaryen

Dany is the monarch Westeros needs—she’s badass, she’s great on big picture ideas, she’s kind of the rightful heir anyway, and she would bring her own dragon mascots. That being said, a dragon mother can’t rule alone, and I have some staff suggestions for her:

Head of the Palace: Sansa Stark


Aspirations of court life and stories of chivalry were everything to Sansa (you know, roughly three deceased family members ago). I’d like to see Sansa reclaim some happiness and agency while being in charge of Dany’s court.

Captain of the Kingsguard: Arya Stark

Cleverness, a streak of ruthlessness, and badassery in spades makes young Arya a great choice for this role.

Hand of the Queen: Margaery Tyrell

Arguably the smartest person on the show, Margaery is the perfect choice for this position. She’s clever, diplomatic, and ambitious. She’d be able to reign in Dany’s tendencies towards impulsive rage, as well as help create well-thought-out action plans for Dany’s ideas.

Let’s face it: Westeros belongs in the hands of these capable ladies. The dudes are too busy burning things and killing each other.


Jon Espino’s Game of Thrones Dream Team

When the dust has settled, the waves have calmed, and all of the fires have faded to dim embers, this is what I want Westeros to look like.

King and Queen: Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryan

Yes, Jon Snow will be king, but this monarchy with be lead by the Queen, and the King will essentially assume the role of First Lady. Dany will assume her rightful place as ruler of Westeros, and we know she will be a just ruler that will lead the country into prosperity. Jon Snow will also have an important role as king, but mainly focusing on commanded the army and making sure peace exists in all of the seven kingdoms.

Hand of the Queen: Tyrion Lannister

We already know he is a more than competent Hand, since he managed to (thanklessly) save King’s Landing from all-out annihilation. He is also a master tactician, and will always keep the people’s best interests in mind.

Lord Commander of the Queensguard: Brienne of Tarth

She is basically under the tutelage of a newly reformed Jaime Lannister, and will follow her mission to the end, even if it results in her end. She is honorable, powerful and relentless. Everything you could wish for in the head of the Queensguard.

Maester to the Queen: Samwell Tarly

Because we all know that is where Sam’s journey is leading him to becoming: a maester. Also, with Jon Snow as king, I think he’ll want Sam on his side like he has been on the Wall.

Master of Coin: Sansa Stark

Hanging around with Petyr Baelish will teach her a thing or two I’m sure. She will develop into a stronger and more intelligent person under his guidance, unknowingly grooming his successor.

Master of Whispers: Arya Stark

She is going to be on a journey that will teach her all the ways of the shadows, which is a bit like what Varys did for the kingdom. The only difference is that Arya will not hesitate to get her hands dirty. She will be a one woman black ops army.

Who do you think should win the Game of Thrones?

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