TV Review: <i>Big Brother 17</i> (Week #7 & Rankings)

You know summer is already half over when Big Brother starts entering the jury phase. The first half of Big Brother 17 has been an interesting season, to say the least. There were obvious twists (the twins!), forgotten twists (the takeovers?), jaw-dropping fights (Momma Day vs. Audrey!), and a house divided between those who were playing the game and those who were just lounging by the pool.

With six houseguests already gone, Big Brother 17 is now entering the jury phase. Starting with this week’s eviction, houseguests voted off from the game will be joining the jury, where they will vote for a winner at the end of the season. It’s a tough vote, but now every move–every little side-eye or comment–could determine how each jury member votes at the end. The drama is going to be good!

In Big Brother, you always need to remember: “Expect the unexpected!” For the seventh week in the game, it’s a “Double Eviction” week–two people are going home in one night. Double evictions are ripe with drama, and there’s no warning of who could be sent packing.

Here’s what went down in the Big Brother house for the last two game rounds:

Week #7 – Part 1

Week #7 – Part 2


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Now that two more houseguests are gone, only nine people are left in the Big Brother house competing for the half million dollar prize. With more than a month still left in the season, these houseguests still have plenty of chances to shake up the game and get a leg-up with the jury.

The remaining players have been ranked based on their game moves, alliances, and potential to win the game:


  1. Vanessa

The reigning puppet master is holding down the top spot as most likely to win Big Brother 17. However, she’s also the biggest threat in the house and the person these players NEED to evict next. Vanessa has made moves and orchestrated plans with the Sixth Sense alliance that essentially determined the first half of the season. If she were to ever stand in front of the jury at the end, she could make an easy case as to why she should win. That is, if she can cement some powerful relationships with the other side of the house before she backstabs them. Vanessa was nearly evicted this week if not for her lies and conversations with the houseguests. The others are catching onto her lies, and it could work for her or against her.

  1. Johnny Mac

The man with the Muppet voice is holding down a close second. Johnny Mac has won enough competitions in the game that he could always play the “competition wins” card to convince the jury. He has a tough battle ahead due to the fact that he is likeable and a big target. Vanessa has spotted him as her biggest threat and even tried to convince Becky to put him up as the replacement nominee. Unless Johnny Mac strikes his enemy first, he could be out the door before he even realizes it.

  1. Julia

Julia is still essentially a newbie in this game. She’s only had to play as her own player for two weeks now and she hasn’t really burned any bridges. She’s positioned herself well within the Austwins alliance, and if the debate ever came down between voting out Julia or her sister Liz, Julia has a better shot at staying. The one thing working against her, though, is the jury. She hasn’t created any real relationships beyond the Sixth Sense and Austwins alliances. She’ll need five votes to win, and that’s only four.

  1. James

James secured himself some leverage with his recent HOH win. He has good relationships with Meg, Jackie, and Becky, except for potentially the recent turn of events with Vanessa’s vote. Becky may not trust him anymore. However, James is one of the outsiders. He has a huge target on his back, and if the other side were to go back on their recent deal (Austwins promised to work together with his alliance), he could be an easy target to go.


  1. Liz

The other half of the twins is building up a powerful resume for herself. She’s won (but lost) an HOH title and won a Battle of the Block (BOTB) challenge. On the other hand, Liz has burned more bridges than her twin, Julia. The other side of the house isn’t too keen with Liz and would rather see her go. The alliances she does have now are helping her in the game. She has Austin protecting her as a human shield, and with Julia around, she has two chances to avoid eviction if paired with either of them on the block.

  1. Austin

Austin is more focused on his love life than the Big Brother game right now. His obsession with Liz is clouding his judgement, and there’s potential that he could fall victim to the “showmance” curse. As the stronger person of the two, Austin is a bigger threat than Liz and could be evicted before her. He hasn’t made any other connections outside of his close allianc,e and his name has been thrown around a lot by the house to be evicted. Unless he can shift into a power position, he could be the next to go.

  1. Steve

Does anyone notice Steve in the house? I don’t, not really. He’s playing an “under-the-radar” game and letting the bigger targets turn against each other first before doing anything. He’s won two POVs, a BOTB, and a reluctant HOH competition. The invisible man is doing well for himself and could make a case to the jury right now about his wins and style of gameplay. However, when you stay behind the scenes, it can make you a bigger target. Steve isn’t making big alliances, and right now he’s taking up space. He has one-off friendships and some alliances, but nothing powerful. Without real safety at this point, he could find his way to sliding to an easy Top 4 or Top 5 until the others start to notice him and evict him.

  1. Becky

Week #7 was a terrible week for Becky. She tried to make a big move in the game and for the most part, things were going her way. The problem is that she got too comfortable and let the HOH title get to her head. She told everyone her plans, she refused a fake deal with Vanessa, and she let the game shift around her to let Shelli, a potential ally, get evicted instead of an enemy. Vanessa knows Becky wants her out, and without any real alliances backing her up, Becky is swimming for hope.

  1. Meg

Is Meg playing the game? Having fun and enjoying everyone’s company is fine…at a bar, but this is Big Brother. She’s only won one competition with Jason, but for the most part, Meg has played a non-game. As of right now, she’s a Floater and an expendable number that could win someone an easy half million dollars if they’re sitting next to her at the end. She needs to get into this game and really start playing the devious side of the competition.

What do you think will happen next in Big Brother 17? Share your thoughts below.

Episode Ratings:

Nomination – 7/10
Power of Veto – 9/10
Eviction – 7/10


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