TV Review: <i>Big Brother 17</i> (Week #9 & Rankings)

Power alliances are ruling the Big Brother 17 house. As compared to some past seasons, the game is no longer overrun with non-alliance Floaters. No one is playing the game on their own; they each have an ally to rely on. While some are aggressive in their moves, others who were content to sit back and watch have now opted to play to protect their own safety. It’s a war of ever-changing alliances.

After #BasicBecky walked out the door during last week’s eviction, the main alliances and partnerships have landed into three different groups. Standing at the top with the most power is the Austwins alliance (Austin, Liz and Julia) with Vanessa on the peripheral, Steve and Johnny Mac at a close second, and James and Meg holding up the outsider votes. There are many combinations of sub-alliances, safety alliances and partnerships that are mixed in between these three groups. Everyone is trying to protect their place, but which smaller alliances are real or just for show?

Now that the game is dwindling down to only a core group, it’s only a matter of time before people start turning on each other. And with a jury member set to re-enter the game at any point, planning for the future is more important than ever.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #9:

Week #9

Notes from the jury house


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With the houseguests spinning around for dear life, their future is (quite literally) up in the air. Four people are in jury, one will return, but at least seven are still fighting for the prize as of now.

The remaining players have been ranked based on their game moves, alliances, and potential to win the game:


  1. Liz

Liz is sitting in a great place to win Big Brother 17. She’s won multiple competitions, she’s in a big powerful alliance, and nobody has made a move to try and evict her yet. Right now, her side of the house is dominating the game. However, Liz is a huge target. Similar to Johnny Mac last week, he was sitting in a good place before his own allies turned against him. It only takes one wrong week for her game to blow up and Liz needs to watch out.

  1. Vanessa

Vanessa’s place in this game has fluctuated. For a while before and during Becky’s reign, Vanessa was a sure thing to be the next person evicted. However, the tides have turned and no one took the opportunity to get her out. The others have realized the value of keeping her for her vote, essentially gaining her some safety. Normally that would only provide a few bumps higher, but one important thing did happen to her: her conversation with Johnny Mac. She now knows that she’s at the bottom of her group with the Austwins alliance and if push came to shove, she won’t waste the opportunity to make a better move to last longer than her allies.

  1. Austin

Austin earned a few points for his Big Brother resume. He won the HOH competition and he built some relationships with the James/Meg alliance by not nominating them. He’s sitting in a good position with his alliances and he’s proven that he can win competitions. It’s still too early to tell if it will set him apart from his alliance members as he does stand out as a bigger threat.

  1. James

James is playing a safe game in the middle. People like him in the house, he’s funny and he’s entertaining. Most of his alliance members are currently sitting in the jury house. If he ever made it to the end, he has a good shot to win over their votes. However, James needs to make a big move and shift the power. He’s still stuck on the other side of the house.


  1. Julia

Julia, like James, is playing the middle. However, he has done more in the game than she has. She hasn’t made any big moves on her own, she hasn’t won competitions, and she isn’t proving why she should win the game. Others have noted that she isn’t a competition threat; often comparing her with Meg. (That’s not a good thing!) Julia does have some safety with her powerful alliance and being new did help her in the first few weeks as an individual player, but that only lasts for so long. Julia needs to start winning and making side deals.

  1. Steve

Steve nearly found himself walking out the front door. If it had not been for the Austwins alliance choosing to go with him, Johnny Mac would’ve stayed. Steve has a lot of ground to cover to make up for the week. He knows that the Austwins alliance was ready to get rid of him, so he needs to make a big move and quick.

  1. Meg

Meg is trying to turn her game around slowly. Like, very slow! If the Zingbot is calling her out on her bad gameplay, then she needs to start paying attention.

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Episode Ratings:

Nomination – 8/10
Power of Veto – 9/10
Eviction – 10/10


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