TV Review: <i>Big Brother 17</i> (Week #10 & Rankings)

The “Double Eviction” is back! The infamous, and terrifying, episode has returned to evict two house-guests from the game in one quick strike. Many powerful players in the past have fallen during this key point in the game. In fact, this is just the second time around this season! Two more people will be heading to jury. It’s going to be an emotional roller coaster this week.

Two are leaving, one juror has returned, and the house is left panicking to just survive. The end is almost near and the only way for these players to guarantee a win is to play the game. It sounds easy enough, but anything can happen in a Double Eviction Week in Big Brother.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #10:

Week #10 – Part 1

Week #10 – Part 2


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Six house-guests remain to fight it out for the prize. With only a few weeks left, the season is winding down, but the competition is tougher than ever. Two powerful alliances are still in the game, but who will survive?

The remaining players have been ranked based on their game moves, alliances, and potential to win the game:


  1. Vanessa

She’s back at the top for another week. Vanessa has pulled herself out of a bad situation and diverted any troubles she’s experienced in weeks prior. Everyone wanted her out and now it seems that both alliances are targeting each other instead of her. The jury knows that she’s the biggest threat in the game and needs to go. However, with all of her competition wins and mastermind plans, Vanessa is building a great case to win the game.

  1. Liz

Another challenge win for one of the twins. As compared to her sister, Liz is the competition threat. She’s won more competitions and has made more moves in the game. Her alliance is currently the majority in the game and if things go her way, she could find an easy trip to the finals. Both Austin and Julia would take her. However, Liz is a huge threat and with two powerful pairs, she is someone that everyone wants out.

  1. Johnny Mac

Johnny Mac returned to the game with his target still intact. The Austwins alliance wants him out, but the other side wants to keep him. When someone is evicted, the house usually bands together to get out the returning player. That didn’t happen this time around. Vanessa and Steve wanted to keep him and with a little convincing, the Austwins alliance came on board too. Johnny Mac is still a target and he didn’t spend any time with the jury members to build those relationships further. His newfound luck will help him in the game.

  1. Austin

Austin is stuck in the middle this time around. He’s won challenges, he’s made alliances, but he’s also broken alliances. He helped to turn on James, Meg, Steve and Johnny Mac, so he has a bit of groundwork to do when convincing the potential jurors to vote for him. His majority alliance will keep him safe in the house and he has the votes to stay. Though, it only takes one bad week to be sent out the door. Just ask Johnny Mac!


  1. Steve

Steve is back to playing a quiet and behind-the-scenes game. The Austwins alliance knows that he’s working with Johnny Mac and if the opportunity came, he’d be nominated against his friend again. This time around, however, he’s built a closer friendship to Vanessa and it helped him avoid nomination. Steve can make a good case to the jury, but he needs to continue winning challenges to avoid his enemies from nominating him.

  1. Julia

Julia won her first challenge! It’s great to see her starting to build a resume in the house. However, she’s potentially stuck in a bad situation. Now with Meg evicted, someone has to be pegged as the weakest player. Julia has won the least amount of challenges and she’s not a physical threat. She has a lot to prove to the jury, and the house, to keep her around and actually win Big Brother.

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Episode Ratings:

Nomination – 10/10
Power of Veto – 8/10
Double Eviction – 6/10


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