TV Review: <i>Big Brother 17</i> (Week #12 & Rankings)

The end is almost here. Nearly three months have gone by since a group of houseguests entered the game together for the chance to win a half million dollars. There have been betrayals, romances and twists that have shaken up the game. But now, only five players are left in the second last week of the season. With only two spots available to make their case to the jury, it’s going to be a bloodbath just getting there. Drama, drama, drama!

In this special week of Big Brother 17, two people will be going to the jury. It’s not a “Double Eviction” as in weeks past, but a surprise eviction that will cut someone’s time short by a few days. The game will continue with another round in a matter of one/two days with another person leaving as well. Time is precious in the Big Brother house; the game can shift in a matter of hours. These houseguests only need to seize upon the opportunity to make it happen.

For now, let’s see what went down in the Big Brother house during Week #12:

Week #12 – Part 1

Week #12 – Part 2


Notes from the jury house

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There’s only one more week in Big Brother 17. Three houseguests remain to compete in the final HOH competition of the season and they’ll get the only vote to determine which two will be making their case to the jury. The last vote is everything! Choose the right person and you’re guaranteed the prize money; choose wrong and you’re going to endure a LONG night.


The remaining players have been ranked based on their game moves, alliances, and potential to win the game:

  1. Vanessa

Vanessa is sitting pretty for the time being as the person most likely to win. She’s won a lot of challenges, made big game moves throughout the season, and she’s manipulated a lot of the votes. There’s no denying that she has an impressive resume to convince the jury. The problem, however, is that she’s too much of a threat. Vanessa has done too much and rubbed people the wrong way. The jury is split on Vanessa–sometimes a jury isn’t bitter; they just prefer a more likable person. Vanessa would need to win the final HOH competition and own up to her shadiness to make a real genuine case to the jury or else it will cost her the game.

  1. Liz

Liz is in a similar boat to Vanessa. She’s won plenty of changes and she was a part of a powerful alliance that controlled most of the game. From the jury aspect, Austin and Julia will no doubt vote for her in the end. However, she needs to convince the others to vote for her as well. Liz hasn’t really developed her relationships with the other side of the house and that could work against her if the time ever comes.

  1. Steve

Steve is an enigma. He’s quiet and reserved but he’s also a competition beast. People genuinely seem to like him as a person but he hasn’t gained much ground in terms of lasting relationships and jury management. Vanessa and Johnny Mac were his closest allies–one is in the jury while the other is unpredictable. There’s no telling how the jury will vote if Steve is at the end. He may simply win due to the “as long as it’s not Vanessa/Liz” argument. That strategy has definitely helped a few past winners secure a few votes to win the game.


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Episode Ratings:

Nomination – 8/10
Power of Veto/Eviction – 10/10
Second Nomination/POV/Eviction – 9/10


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