TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×19) “Girl Meets Rah Rah”

tumblr_nvkb14N37C1ub4kbho1_540It’s time for cheerleading tryouts on Girl Meets World, the week Cory dreads more than anything, as Riley ends up disappointed every year. Maya levels with her best friend, trying to prevent more cheer-related heartbreak: “You know what? You’re not good. You’re not as good as Samantha, you’re not as good as Heather, you’re not as good as any girl, with any name, or doesn’t exist, or is a rock.” Riley doesn’t let Maya’s honesty faze her, merely commenting that she doesn’t like that the girl who is a rock doesn’t have a name. Maya has a lot of patience. Cheerleading Coach Kelly hates Riley and wishes she would stop putting herself through the disappointment every year.

Cory’s Class: this week, Cory’s teaching the class about Thomas Edison’s many, many tries to invent the lightbulb. He succeeded because he never gave up, leading us to this week’s lesson.

The Gym: Riley’s back for day two of tryouts, this time with her own cheering section. Maya is there to pick up the pieces, Lucas is there because he wants to see it, Farkle is there because he believes in Riley, and Zay is there because he needs to show his cheerleader enemies that they have no hold on him. Coach Kelly introduces Riley to the Bell of Giving Up, which Riley is supposed to ring when she gives up. As they’re talking about the gymnastics portion of the day, both Maya, Lucas, and Farkle ring the bell in an attempt to save Riley’s life. Things don’t go as well as Riley hopes, but she doesn’t ring the bell.

Riley’s Room: Maya, Lucas, and Farkle go through Riley’s window and tell her supposedly sleeping form how proud they all are of her. Zay is horrified that everyone just breaks into Riley’s room all the time. Maya blames Cory for his mixed messages–Cory as father wants her to stay home and safe, while Cory as teacher wants her to get an education and figure out who she is. Zay has enough and pulls the covers off of Riley’s pillows, demonstrating to them that she’s not there.

The Gym: Maya doesn’t want Riley to get hurt, but Lucas and Farkle think it’s more important to show their support than to caution her against trying out. Her dance routine isn’t a horrifying failure, but she’s the only cut anyway.

Cory’s Class: Cory reiterates Thomas Edison’s quote about the process of inventing the lightbulb: “I have not failed, I just found 10,000 ways it will not work.” Even though Riley didn’t make the team, she did not fail because she never gave up. Turns out, Maya stole the bell, committed to not letting Riley ring it. Inspired, Riley inserts herself into the cheerleading routine–just because Coach Kelly cut her doesn’t mean she didn’t make it–she can be an alternate. When Coach Kelly says that they don’t need an alternate, several of the cheerleaders pretend to be hurt, inspired by Riley’s spirit. Maya brings the bell over and Coach Kelly rings it, defeated.

The episode closes out with Perez Hilton interviewing Riley on her inspirational story, showing that nothing is impossible. I don’t even know about that.

While this episode of Girl Meets World didn’t necessarily advance the overall plot, I didn’t mind it. I find the Riley storyline directions interesting these days; I feel like they’re tossing a lot of upset Riley’s way, especially considering next week’s Girl Meets Texas teaser, with the promise of a Lucas/Maya betrayal. Yeesh.  


Boy Meets World Throwback Factor: None!

Episode Rating: 7/10.


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