TV News: Three Characters Return for Once Upon A Time’s 100th Episode

Over the past five seasons, and 100 episodes of Once Upon A Time we have seen many characters float through the series – some were heroes, some were villains, some were a mixture of the two. However for the series’ 100th episode, Entertainment Tonight have announced that three villainous characters will be returning – Barbara Hershey as Cora, Robbie Kay as Peter Pan, and Giancarlo Esposito as Sidney Glass/The Magic Mirror.

They will be joining the already announced Jamie Chung as Mulan and Meghan Ory as Little Red Riding Hood. The minor character of the Blind Witch with Hansel and Gretel, played by Emma Caulfield, will also be in the episode. Adam Horowitz, Once Upon A Time’s showrunner, has said that other characters might also be returning for the monumental episode. But seeing as characters such as Peter Pan, Cora and the Blind Witch are all dead we have to believe that this episode will either involve the heavy use of flashbacks or time travel.

As well as all the returning cast members, TVLine has confirmed that Ally McBeal alum, Greg Germann has been cast as a character called The Distinguished Gentleman who will make his first appearance in this episode.

The casting call described the character as “a mysterious figure with god-like powers who is always clad in a perfectly tailored suit…someone who can strike fear into people just by being friendly…the last person you ever want to share a drink with.”

Because the showrunners described season 5B has “hell” and the other casting calls seems like they are casting Hercules and Megara as well, it appears that Germann will be playing Hades.


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