TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×24) “Girl Meets Belief”

School Hallway: Maya finds a five dollar bill, declaring it her lucky day. Riley doesn’t feel the same way; she declares that the money isn’t Maya’s and she needs to leave it behind. “This is where our friendship ends. Right here, right now. Goodbye forever,” Maya jokes, firmly holding on to the money. Riley asks Maya if she thinks someone is watching over her right now, but Maya isn’t concerned. Riley replaces the five dollar bill, which Maya finds and takes. Maya’s up ten dollars, and Riley is up a heap of disappointment.

Cory’s Class: this week’s lesson centers around Joan of Arc and has Cory asking the kids what they believe in. Riley says she believes that Maya did wrong by taking someone else’s five dollars. “I believe in five dollars’ worth of ice cream,” Maya shoots back. Cory assigns Maya and Riley to research Thomas Jefferson, while Lucas and Farkle have to research Joan of Arc.

Topanga’s Cafe: Riley argues that Maya has to start believing in things. Maya argues that it’s easier for Riley to believe in things because her life is consistently good. Meanwhile, Farkle is questioning why Lucas has faith, as he’s convinced that Joan of Arc was bonkers. They decide they want to switch things, and Maya breaks the news that she needs a break from Riley and all of her beliefs.

Topanga’s Cafe Again: Farkle argues that Riley and Maya being apart shakes the very foundation of the universe, while Lucas argues that they might be too close to one another. Lucas and Riley agree about Jefferson, both having a lot of respect for his strength of character and belief. Farkle and Maya also agree on Joan of Arc–Farkle thinks she was crazy, while Maya thinks she just wanted attention. They both realize that she just really believed in what she was saying, making them think of Riley. Maya misses her.

Cory’s Classroom: Maya and Riley, reunited, decide to keep their work lives separate from their bay window lives. They shuffle partners again. Riley points out that Farkle’s viewpoint makes him miss the bigger picture sometimes. Lucas doesn’t think someone can be pushed into these beliefs, and explains to Maya how he finds his belief in the quiet moments. Cory’s ultimate lesson: people can believe different things, and it doesn’t hurt to listen to your loved ones’ points of view.

Cory’s Classroom Again: Riley, Maya, Lucas, and Farkle give a presentation on both Jefferson and Joan of Arc. They realized that people need to figure out their beliefs on their own. Maya replaces the five dollar bill, giving someone else a chance to go on an adventure.

Riley’s Window: Maya said a prayer the night before–she prayed that Riley never stops having good days.

As For The B Plot: Topanga hears Auggie talking to no one in his room. She spies on him to see what he’s saying, but proceeds to assure him that he doesn’t have to tell her what he’s saying–after all, some things are personal and private. Topanga, your message is getting a little confusing here. Auggie hears about Joan of Arc being burned at the stake and gets scared, because he also talks to people that aren’t there. He reveals to his parents that he’s not praying, he’s talking to Mrs. Svorski, since it makes him miss her less.  


I don’t know about this episode of Girl Meets World–I found it rather odd that they attempted to address religion without actually addressing religion. Since they weren’t committing to anything, really, this episode kind of went no where. Also, it seems to have been aired out of order from the rest of the season; Farkle looks like he did very early in the season and all of the kids react to one another as if “Girl Meets Texas” hadn’t happened yet. Not a favorite.

Episode Rating: 5/10.


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