TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×25) “Girl Meets the New Year”

Fa-La-La-La Weekend on the Disney Channel usuallys signal a holiday-themed filler episode of Girl Meets World, but alas! They’ve surprised me this time with a New Years Eve-centric episode that takes on the love triangle between Riley, Maya, and Lucas. Miracles do happen.

The Apartment Matthews: Maya finally answers my question from “Girl Meets Texas,” explaining to Riley that Lucas didn’t kiss her–he merely held her face and stared into her eyes. I love that neither of them found this weird. Riley claims they have to talk about it, but Maya doesn’t want to.

Harper Lee Burgiss’s English Class: Ms. Harper Lee is talking Sense and Sensibility this week–i.e., what you think you should feel versus what you feel. They probably should have just made Cory an English teacher, the lessons connect with the kids’ lives without sounding quite as forced. Charlie Gardner points out that you need both to make a relationship work, which isn’t the worst advice I’ve heard. Harper ends class with a warning: even the strongest relationships can be torn apart by one or the other.

Topanga’s Cafe: Riley decides to take a page out of Jane Austen’s book and hold a New Year’s Eve ball so she and Maya could figure out all their feelings. Charlie pops up out of nowhere and wants to be invited, bringing Maya’s 1950’s Charlie Gardner voice out again. Maya’s Charlie Gardner voice should ALWAYS be a thing. Farkle drags Riley outside to confront her about her Lucas feelings. He doesn’t think she should hide the truth anymore; everything they’re feeling is new and they need to be honest to get through it. He levels her with an ultimatum: if she doesn’t tell Maya and Lucas about her continuing feelings for Lucas, he will.

Cory’s History Class: the words “friendship,” “growth,” and “feelings” are on the board. Cory explains that feelings can tear apart both friendship and growth, but doesn’t even bother connecting this to something in history. Riley argues that a friend’s happiness comes first, which concerns Cory.

Harper’s English Class: Harper polls the class on what the most important word in Sense and Sensibility’s title is. Riley argues sense, Maya argues sensibility, and Farkle argues and–you need both. The boys are very wise this episode.

The Apartment Matthews, New Year’s Eve Edition: Farkle and Smackle arrive in coordinating holiday sweaters and Smackle delivers what is probably the best line in the episode: “Desperation doesn’t look good on you, Lucas. Even if everything else does.” Thanks to one Charlie Gardner, they kids gather to play the Couples Game (because they’re all married in the ‘70s?). Tension rises when Lucas jumps in on Charlie’s answer about Riley. When Lucas reads the question, “How would you describe your personality, library or campfire?” he eats the card. Maya follows suit after reading, “Is it possible to love two people at the same time?” Lord, heavy stuff here for middle school. The card that reads, “Have you ever kept a secret from someone you love?” is the last straw for Riley, who ends the game and drags Farkle on to the roof to discuss his ultimatum.

The Rooftop: Farkle refuses to start the year with lies between friends, but Riley thinks he’s bluffing about his ultimatum. Now on to couple situation #1: “Riley, I think I’ve proven that I care about you and that I’ve learned a lot about you, and I’d really like for you to stand with me at midnight,” Charlie says to Riley. Riley argues that relationships should be more than that, and since she can’t offer anymore, it’s not fair to him if she were to be with him. Very mature, Riley.


Couple situation #2: Maya goes over to Lucas and asks him if she’s ever said anything nice to him. He’s unsure, so she explains that she’s happy they’re together for this almost midnight moment. When the clocks strike midnight, Farkle keeps his promise and shouts that Riley is still in love with Lucas. “I’m sorry guys, I did the right thing. I hope you can forgive me,” he says, leaving several stunned people behind. Maya, Riley, and Lucas sit together, leaving us to wonder what’s in store for them in 2016.

First, I’d like to talk about how happy I am that they finally had another holiday-centric episode that actually furthered the story. I was getting tired of weird filler episodes. I’m happy that Riley broke things off with Charlie Gardner–regardless of him being nice most of the time, there was something smarmy and entitled about him that I did not like. While what Farkle did is arguably shitty, I’m happy that he did it in the context of the show; the information he revealed will have some interesting emotional consequences in the coming episodes. I like that they’re not dragging out Riley’s secret too much and admire just how mature these kids are. All and all, a great way to finish out 2015’s Girl Meets World episodes.

Episode Rating: 10/10.



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