Take a Look at the Trailer for The 100 Season 3



It has been said plenty already, especially around these parts, but The CW is having an a killer of a year. With shows such as The Flash, iZombie and Jane the Virgin have great second seasons, old favorites such as Arrow making a comeback, and fresh faces such as Crazy Ex-Girlfriend defying expectations, their 2015 year has been one of their all time best. Not to be forgotten however, especially with the oncoming Legends of Tomorrow certain to steal attention, is the networks secret weapon, The 100. Seasons one and two were both great, with season two only growing stronger as time passed, and season three seems to be following their trend of getting better as the go. Clarke has seemingly left (and has red hair at some point?) to be with the Grounders, Bellamy is once again having to prove that he’s trying to defend his people, even if it means Octavia smashing his face in, and Jasper, Monty and Raven seem to be having a hard time with everything as well.

These characters, despite their age, aren’t kids, and it looks like season three will be addressing their trauma even more.

Take a look at the trailer below and let us know in the comments if you’re as excited as I am.

The 100 returns January 21st.



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