A Breakdown of the House of Cards Trailer

We did it last year, and we’re pretty happy to say that we were pretty much right on a good half of those predictions. And hey, when you have an award winning Netflix show on your hands, you really wouldn’t want the audience to know all that much just by looking at the trailer—right?

Well with current news surrounding Netflix’s confirmation of Suicide Squad’s Joel Kinnaman’s involvement with the show this season, we sure do have a lot to speculate. Kinnaman won’t be the only newcomer on the show however, as Neve Campbell (Party of 5, Scream) and Colm Feore (Thor, 24, The Poet) have also signed on to star in the already highly talked about season four of House of Cards.

And without further ado, let’s dissect some trailer!

For the most part, it’s Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) telling us about his campaign for 2016 president. Most of the trailer is even just reused images from the previous seasons, but if you look closely, there was some new footage in between the shots.

Underwood starts with his classic Southern accent, a bit. . . moldish when compared to Underwood’s speech from just three seasons past.

Then we snap to the very first scene of the series where Frank snaps a dog’s neck, just as Frank voice overs and says “Here is what I think American deserves.”


As we continue zooming in to Frank’s desk in present time, he says “A Leader who isn’t afraid to look you in the eye.” And we cut to . . .well some third base action between Frank and Zoe (Kate Mara) from season one.

Awkwardness aside, we flash back to present day Frank telling us he believes in “putting people first,” just as we cut to Peter (Corey Stoll) in the bathtub from season one and Zoe in what looks like the worst place to play tag, from season two.


“Putting America back on track” is said next as Frank shakes Garrett Walker’s (Michael Gill) hand in season two.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! The next cut looks pretty new, doesn’t it? Is that. . . gasp, Seth (Derek Cecil) being gagged with a glass? AND WAIT! That watch looks oddly familiar. . .I wonder who’s hand it belo—-


IT’S DOUG STAMPER (Michael Kelly)! So that means that we have our first scene into the next season. Does this mean that Doug is trying to take Seth out? Under who’s orders? Is he acting on his own? Plot twist: Seth was trying the Kylie Jenner challenged and now he’s stuck?

And then we flash to Doug waking up in the hospital from season three, black eyes and all.

Frank believes in opening doors apparently, just as we see Peter’s garage door closing from season one.

Aww man, we see some Frank-Claire (Robin Wright) strangling action as Frank says he’s “willing to work with both sides to get what we want.”

And then this cannon from season three, obviously meaning nothing Freudian.

And then we’re reminded that Doug can be ruthless, like when he shoveled Rachel’s (Rachel Brosnahan) tire-marked body in season three.

“I’ve never forgotten where I’ve come from” is the next line Frank spits out at us, as he literally spits on Jesus from season three.

He also has taken his “licks,” which I’m told is southern and old people speak for beatings. And we accompany that line with supporters holding up signs and stickers from season three, as well as Frank releasing himself on his father’s grave, from season three as well.

And we see a close up of Rachel’s burial as Frank says “Right direction.” Get it? Get it?

OOOh Sexy time! Frank tells us he wants us to “all be free.” And we are reminded of the “threechum” that happened between Frank, Claire and Ed Meechum (Nathan Darrow) from season two.


BUT WAIT! WHAT’S THAT? Is that a new scene? I don’t remember Claire ever doing that- or anyone else for that matter. Perhaps it is Claire. Jackie? Or maybe Zoe from the grave? A new character? The possibilities are endless.

Claire dunks her head underwater while in the bath from season three as Frank tells us about our decisions that we need to make.

A cute presidential photograph is taken of Frank and Claire, from season two, just as Frank tells us about the leaders that “we” deserve. Uh huh, sure Frank, we deserve you.

“I think America deserves Frank Underwood.” Awww man did I not just call it!? I mean, it is every other line of the series and I watched the trailer three times already and it’s said in almost every single Republican or Democratic debate—nonetheless, we do deserve the awesome “Frank slowly looks up from his desk” scene that’s on everyone’s tumblr constantly.

As well as Frank grabbing Claire at the end of last season.

And to truly show how thankful he is for us as voters, Frank decides to make us some onion soup.

“And in your heart, you know I’m right.” *Chills*


You can watch the trailer below as well as check out the FU2016 website (which awesomely does a great job of marketing in this election season—or at least making fun of our candidates) and watch these super short teasers below for some more anticipation I mean information.




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