What’s Next for Girl Meets World?

(Image Credit: Disney Channel/Ron Tom)

If you haven’t heard the news yet, Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World was not picked up for a fourth season.


Sorry, we just needed to take another moment to let that sink in.

Yes, the fun loving, family friendly Boy Meets World spin-off will no longer be on Disney Channel’s television lineup. Granted, Disney is known for airing only a limited amount of episodes per show but you’d think with it doing so well, they’d continue it… NOPE. So, what does this mean for the future of Girl Meets World? Well, we’re not too sure but we have some suggestions.


It seems to be an ongoing thing that if all else fails, switch to a online streaming provider such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon. I mean, if we could save Mindy’s Project and a Full House reboot, whose to say we can’t bring Girl Meets World here? It’s nothing unheard of. Plus, if it were to move on one of these platforms, this gives it more room for easy binge-watching, continue its family friendly content and more flexibility on covering serious topics that may be a bit too PG-13 for Disney Channel.


Another really obvious decision would move to its sister channel Freeform (formally known as ABC Family). This is the home for all the latest teen/coming-of-age shows from The Fosters to Pretty Little Liars to Shadowhunters. Now that the Girl Meets World cast are all grown up and in high school, this would be the perfect replacement for the soon to be ending PLL series. At least that will fill up the gap when we finally say goodbye to A.


Don’t cancel it at all

Or, we could just go ahead and not cancel it at all. As one of the most talked about shows of the network that brings in both an old and new audience, it’s a shame to see this go so soon. It was not only a great role model for our younger generation but it struck a chord with everyone else who grew up watching Boy Meets World. I don’t know about anyone else, but this was the show that had a huge impact in my childhood that I could credit for making me who I am today. Rowan Blanchard and Sabrina Carpenter had so much potential in becoming this generation’s very own iconic “Cory & Shawn” duo, but their on screen friendship was cut too soon.

So sad to see you go, Girl Meets World. Fingers crossed we see you again!


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