Will They or Won’t They? 20 TV couples that keep us on the edge of our seats

Will they? Or won’t they? That is the question posed for a number of couples on TV shows past and present. Whether they were stuck in a love triangle or born as mortal enemies, many couples kept us questioning whether they would ever defy the odds and end up together or not. Some of them did, some of them didn’t, and some we still don’t know what will happen. Regardless, their romances are either the main or part of the reason we love these shows.

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Oliver and Felicity from Arrow

Oliver was a former party boy/womanizer before his shipwreck, but luckily we saw him transition into a real man. His sincere and loving heart unfortunately must take a backseat to his dangerous role as the city’s vigilante. It took him a while to open up his eyes and heart to the idea of Felicity. Meanwhile, she’s been the only woman faithfully by his side and unafraid to call him out on his crap. Their friendship set the foundation for a potential endgame relationship. Their chemistry is deep and electric. When they finally confessed their feelings to each other, I was a puddle of love in my living room couch. Oliver was even on the verge of proposing to Felicity at some point! That speaks volumes of his true affection for her given his reserved nature. Here’s to hoping that in Season Five they will reunite once and for all. – Ivanna Barrera


Bones and Booth from Bones

The chemistry between Dr. Temperance Brennan and Agent Seeley Booth was clear from their very first case. Brennan’s logic and Booth’s heart were often at odds with each other, but it was their different perspectives that made them entertaining to watch. They fought, they argued, but most importantly, they respected each other’s opinions no matter how much they didn’t agree with the other. Their wicked fast back-and-forth lasted for six seasons before they officially got together, but their union was formed in the face of tragedy – the death of a colleague. Despite that, their relationship has lasted through a lot, from being stalked by serial killers, government conspiracies, stints in jail, the death of Booth’s best friend, and two kids. – Katey Stoetzel


Buffy and Angel from Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Of all the romances that Buffy Summers had in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, her relationship with Angel was a special and iconic one. They will always the “Will They” couple for me, and it’s the strength of their feelings that always gives me ~the feels~. Constantly tortured by their love for each other, it seemed they would never be together permanently. At the beginning of the show, everyone rooted for them, saying “We don’t care that he’s a vampire!” My sentiments continued throughout the seasons. They would always try and make each other jealous but continued to defend one another and hold onto their love against better judgment. They were supposed to hate one another, and they tried to distance themselves. He was a vampire and she was the Slayer.  But their relationship is the cliché of “You can’t choose who you love.” Buffy’s first love was her eternal love, and Angel knew this. Although logically they weren’t supposed to fall in love, they did, defying the odds – making them my favorite TV couple. – Reagan Harrison


Barry Allen and Iris West from The Flash

Excuse me while I wax poetic about these two. They have easily become one of my favorite TV couples of all time. Their progression from the pilot of The Flash up until the now has been nothing short of beautiful. They’ve had their ups and downs and spent the majority of season one and most of season two in the will they/won’t they category, but it was never really a matter of if Barry and Iris would get together so much as when. (We thankfully didn’t have to wait a million years for them to become a couple). These two have been through so much, together and separately, and still managed to come out on top. They have such a deep and grounded love, and their transition from best friends to lovers felt so natural.

One of the most wonderful things about Barry and Iris (besides the wonderful and organic chemistry between Grant Gustin and Candice Patton) is that their love transcends different earths and timelines. No matter where we find them (on Earth-2 or in an alternate reality), they’re drawn to each other like magnets. The pair’s relationship has only flourished and gotten stronger over the course of three seasons. Unlike many other superheroes who are quick to push their lovers aside to “protect them,” The Flash has broken this lousy trope in the show’s third season. Instead, the looming danger of the future has only brought Barry and Iris closer. They are absolute magic together, and I love and adore them with my whole heart.  – Mae Abdulbaki

Niles and Daphne from Frasier

It took seven (7!) seasons of watching Niles pine after Daphne until these two got together. For a long time, viewers thought that Niles would never get the girl, and Daphne would remain oblivious to his affections. While there were hints of something to come sprinkled throughout the series, it wasn’t until the finale of the seventh season, when on the eve of Daphne’s wedding to Donny that Niles confessed his love to her. Luckily, the writers finally decided to give them ago, and it was more than worth the wait. – Gabrielle Bondi

Ross and Rachel from Friends

It’s hard to come up with a list of TV couples and not mention Ross and Rachel. A staple of the 1990s, the pair were will they/won’t they for the majority of the time that Friends was on the air. One of the reasons they’re one of the best will they/won’t they couples is because, despite not knowing whether or not they would end up together in the end (but let’s be real, we knew they would), it didn’t stop them from going from friends to lovers, to being “on a break” and then back to being friends, and finally lovers, again (whew!). Their relationship was fun and emotional (their break-up episode, although completely justified, still makes me teary). They definitely knew how to make the on-and-off-again relationship work without ever really making it tiresome. They always had other things going for them and even when they weren’t together, they were still very much supportive of each other. But in the end, as we all know, they were always each other’s “lobster.” – Mae Abdulbaki

Rory and Jess from Gilmore Girls

What’s not to love about these two? One of the main things that kept me hanging season after season was to see their relationship evolve (for better or for worse). For me, Rory and Jess are the perfect couple. They complement each other, share many things in common, and are willing to learn (and care) from each other (even if they don’t admit it at first). I mean, he (and only him!) had the power to convince her to go back to Yale! And she believed in him so deeply, knowing his great intellect and telling him that he could do anything he wanted to do in life. When you find someone like that, don’t let go! I’m still convinced that Rory and Jess have a future. Do not disappoint me Netflix! – Cristina Moreano

Chuck and Blair from Gossip Girl

“Three words, eight letters, say it and I’m yours.” Couples that scheme together, stay together guys. Yes, Gossip Girl might not be considered 100% a comedy, but it had its fun moments. Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf went through hell and back throughout the seasons, and if that is any indication, they can overcome anything together. – Luciana Villalba

Jane and Michael from Jane the Virgin

(SPOILER ALERT!) If you’re a fan of the show then you know there’s a clear divide between #TeamMichael and #TeamRafael. But before I list off the reasons why I’m on one side and not the other, I’ll go on the record and say I’m team Michael (sue me!) Here’s why. The love between Jane and Michael is beyond pure and jaw-dropping adorable. Both Michael and Jane shared many firsts together from their first home to Jane’s ‘sexual awakening’ and much more. He loved her until his very last breath, and that’s the kind of love that everyone wants, the kind of love where you’re both equal partners in the relationship. One where you support each other and stick together through the good and the bad. There was so much innocence and comfort that came with their relationship; one that fans will cherish as the show progresses despite his absence.  – Camille Espiritu

Mindy and Danny from The Mindy Project

At first, I doubted that these two would ever end up together. Our first impression of Danny is pretty harsh. He’s handsome but a little too mean to Mindy, and that turned me off right away. However, in its second season, the show slowly presents a softer side to Danny, and the relationship between him and Mindy blossomed into something both sweet and intense. For a moment, it seemed like there was a happily ever after instore for Mindy (finally!) with a baby on the way, but the series turns the tables, breaking them up indefinitely and showing how relationships can’t always be remedied with romantic gestures. It takes compromise, something both Mindy and Danny haven’t figured out yet. – Gabrielle Bondi

Nick and Jess from New Girl

I’ve been a fan of New Girl since the very beginning and since then I’ve been rooting for Nick and Jess to be together (and stay together). Sorry Megan Fox – I love you and all but girl, I’m still #TeamJess! I could list off a number of reasons why I want these two to be together, but I’ll keep it short and sweet. They’re the perfect pair of opposites that make each other better. While Nick isn’t the most motivated person, he’s the kind of guy who reminds Jess to slow down and enjoy the here and now. She easily gets worried about the future and her overly excited personality sometimes gets the best of her. But her high energy and motivation is what Nick needs in his life. He needs someone who will not only be his partner in crime but will also encourage him to go above and beyond his expectations while reminding him to stay positive and see the good in every situation. They each have what the other doesn’t have, and from season to season, we got to watch them grow, mature and fall in love. There’s a reason why they keep finding themselves back in each other’s arms despite the countless people they have dated in-between. People say that exes never get back together but considering these two, I beg to differ. – Camille Espiritu

Jim and Pam from The Office

There are certain people in life that you look at and you just KNOW they’re meant to be together and with no questions asked, it was Jim and Pam. Fate brought them together despite their relationship having a slow start. These two are the gushing pair that just meshes together so well. With Jim’s quirky sense of humor mixed with Pam’s shy yet dorky personality, it’s hard to not be awestruck and utterly jealous at the same time as you watch these two fall in love. Juggling life’s constant obstacles and a family, they still encouraged each other to follow their dreams despite the challenges that would come their way. They’re a modern day fairytale romance that everyone strives for and only few achieve. Jim and Pam are a prime example that you can have that love story you’ve dreamt about and that you should never settle for anything less than what you deserve.  – Camille Espiritu

Ben and Leslie from Parks and Recreation

Sometimes your love story doesn’t start off with a “love at first sight” moment; heck, you might have hated each other at first – at least that was the case for Ben and Leslie. These two couldn’t stand each other when they first met but as the show progressed, they soon realized they had feelings for each other. They’re both dorky and quirky in their own unique ways and bring out the best in each other. But we all know that we should never fall in love with someone we work with because 1. It will be totally awkward if you guys end up breaking up and have to still face each other at work (yikes!) 2. Helllllo, conflict of interest. However, we all know that despite the barriers and rules that love conquers all. Ben gave up his job so that Leslie can continue working at the place that she loved. He also stayed in Pawnee just to see where their relationship would take them. But this was only just the tip of the iceberg when it came to his huge, loving gestures. And though Leslie has high energy and can be in her own world sometimes, in the end she returned the grand gestures and supported Ben when he wanted to follow his dreams and continue his career in Washington D.C. These two are the prime example of what it means to have a partner in crime and for someone to have your back through the ups and the downs. Watching them fall in love reminded us all that you can still pursue your dreams while falling head over heels for your best friend.  – Camille Espiritu

Shawn and Juliet from Psych

Psych was always more about the friendship between Shawn and Gus. But for five seasons, Shawn and Detective Juliet O’Hara danced around a relationship like it was an Olympic event. They were always stopped by their relationships with other people or Shawn’s maturity. Together they brought out the good in each other – Juliet wasn’t as serious and Shawn grew up a little bit. They always felt like a sure thing, even when they were broken up. Shawn’s proposal in the finale wasn’t much of surprise because it seemed totally right. – Katey Stoetzel

Eliza and Henry from Selfie

Selfie, starring Karen Gillan and John Cho, was cancelled way too soon, but one thing it truly had going for it was two charming leads and a “will they/won’t they” relationship that I was COMPLETELY living for when it aired in 2014. A modern adaptation of My Fair Lady, Selfie took a familiar premise and created something genuinely funny and modern. Cho and Gillan made a wonderful pair, and if only ABC didn’t cancel it so soon, we could’ve seen how their dynamic would evolve into a romantic relationship. – Gabrielle Bondi

Nancy and Jonathan from Stranger Things

If you were surprised with Nancy cozying up to Steve at the end of Stranger Things’ first season, you are not alone. Many of us had hope that Nancy would end up with Jonathan, but luckily with the second season premiering this fall, we might get to see that. There’s no doubt that there is something between these two, and while Steve isn’t that bad, the budding feelings between Nancy and Jonathan would be more interesting to watch. We have no idea who Nancy will pick – and we can really argue she doesn’t have to pick anyone – but this love triangle will be one of the many elements that we hope keeps us on the edge of our seats when season two arrives on Halloween. – Gabrielle Bondi

Amy and Jonah from Superstore

There is a lot to love about Superstore, but I would be lying if the growing romantic tension between Amy (America Ferrera) and Jonah (Ben Feldman) wasn’t the reason I’m so eager to tune in each week. There are quite a few different themes at play in their relationship, the two most apparent being “opposites attract” and “unrequited love.” The combination of that and the sheer chemistry between the actors heightens each of their exchanges and the show is smart about only giving us romance fans crumbs at a time, signaling there is something there but we’re going to have to wait for it. The question of will they or won’t they is still in the air, and I can’t wait to see how it’s answered. – Gabrielle Bondi

Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin from Teen Wolf

Stiles and Lydia are a true example of how good an emotional payoff can be when waiting for a slow burn romance to finally come to fruition. Stiles and Lydia start out as the classic geek-likes-the-popular-girl trope; Lydia is at first presented as a shallow, popular girl with a mean lacrosse star boyfriend, while Stiles is a quirky geek–and the only person who knows how smart Lydia truly is. Throughout the series, we watched as Stiles and Lydia became best friends, working closely together to solve the supernatural mysteries plaguing Beacon Hills and saving each other’s lives from both human and monster threats. The possibility of a relationship between Lydia and Stiles is what kept me watching Teen Wolf through its boring, overcrowded, slow motion sequence-ridden fourth and fifth seasons. They finally got together at the end of the most recent season, when their love for one another kept the memory of Stiles alive–and ultimately saved his life–while he was trapped in another dimension.  – Bri Lockhart

Scully and Mulder from The X-Files

We knew these two were eventually going to get together, but it was so much fun getting strung along all those years. And that was before the relaunch. The X-Files may have provided plenty of bizarre and twisted cases for us to ponder, but who are we kidding? What really kept viewers riveted was the relationship between FBI agents Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) and Fox Mulder (David Duchovny). They’re one of TV’s best pairings, a duo who always had each other’s backs and balanced each other out even as they approached their investigations in drastically different ways. Scully was the skeptic who relied on science to guide her, while Mulder was a true believer in all things paranormal who followed his instincts. Their banter was as funny as it was charming, and the show constantly teased us with so many quiet, yet powerful moments when it became clear that the close friendship between the two was constantly on the verge of becoming something more.  – Andrea Thompson

Liza and Charles from Younger

There are so many reasons why this love SHOULD work, but if Liza and Charles’ romance was a walk in the park, that wouldn’t make great television now would it? Here’s why they may not make work. Though these characters go together quite nicely, their relationship is built on the foundation of lies. These lies come with good reason given that Liza wanted to get back into the publishing industry and the way she had to go about it was to lie about her age. Though it seems all harmless, it’s still a lie nonetheless. But the level of chemistry, intelligence and maturity that these two share is undeniable. These two have a bond that is completely different than the one she has with Josh. Even though Josh is a great and genuine guy, Charles is at the point in his life where he can provide Liza what she needs. But given a number of lies and information Liza has hidden from Charles throughout the seasons could make them a couple that aren’t meant to be. – Camille Espiritu

What is your favorite “Will They? Won’t They?” relationship?


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