Adventure Time Review 6×40: “Orgalorg”

  • Gunter’s biggest fan

    A 6/10 for arguably one of the best episodes ever to be released by AT. This is an episode that numerous fans have been waiting for since we learned about the dark presence deep within Gunter. The shift from the penguins enjoying the Ice Kingdom to themselves into the display of Orgalorg was fantastic. The first 2:30 of the episode was definitely not a waste of time, I very much enjoyed seeing the penguins quips, and it gave the episode a sense of fun and security, all until Orgalorg emerged. How much time would you have rathered they take on revealing and explaining Orgalorg’s identity? It was described in a very appropriate amount of time, that gave the viewer all the necessary information they needed to take about this new cosmic being and showing us why Gunter did the evil things that she did. You also neglected to mention that Gunter overcame Orgalorg’s presence at the end of the episode by reclaiming her identity and destroying the figures; putting an end to the actions she was forced to make on the alien homeworld. Ultimately proving that despite the immense power of Orgalorg, Gunter, as a seperate entity, indeed has enough power to suppress the cosmic being, if only for the time being. Honestly, this episode deserved nothing less than a 9/10, it was just that amazing.

    • Gregory Phillip

      “one of the best episodes ever to be released by AT”
      Why? Because it answered a question? That doesn’t excuse an episode from being bad. For example, an episode of Cuber just answering every big mystery would be horrible. It would be nothing but one big exposition dump. This episode was weak for that very reason: while the comedy was slow and lackluster, the actual reveal was dumped on the audience. One of AT’s strong points is the ability to build a character, slowly revealing one piece at a time and raising more questions with each answer. It just felt like the writers realized they didn’t have much time to build Orgalorg and just crammed everything into one episode.

      • maththemath

        What Greg said. It was slipped in /pretty/ well, but they more or less dumped the reveal into a single monologue that I quoted.

        Luckily, they still had some fun with it.

      • Zyra

        In my opinion the episode was on of the greatest. I didn’t say it was the best, and for me one of the greatest is among those episdoes that twist the characters into a new light (basically every episode this week). Although I don’t belive it was just ‘dumped’ per se. It was a good buildup and then explanation but opinions are opinions :)! (Btw this is my other account sry)

    • Mario

      So basically, Gunter is like Sweet P in the sense that they are innocent beings that possess evil entities inside of them.

      • maththemath

        This is a really neat concept that I didn’t think of. Either Sweet P is a weaker container or The Lich is more powerful, alas.

    • maththemath

      You are right that I didn’t give Gunter credit for reacting so negatively to those horrified screams.

      To counter it, a planet of people seeing a penguin WENKing and screaming their heads off is totally hilarious.

  • I have this paranoid feeling that season 6 is the end of the series for Adventure Time. The amount of plotlines being resolved and the general sense of doom for Ooo is not helping.

    I was very charmed by this episode and from now on Chekhov’s Gun will be Abadeer’s Gunter.

    • maththemath

      Luckily, you’re wrong. They have episodes confirmed for season seven, including eight centered around Marcy’s (and Simon’s, I believe) past. One also revisits President Porpoise.

      Funny enough, before Adventure Time, Cartoon Network was canceling all of its shows after three seasons of 26 11-minute shorts (most notably The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack, which Pen worked on). People figured Adventure Time was doomed to the same fate, but at the end of season six, it will have gone 121 11-minute episodes past that original 78-episode limit.

      Cartoon Network is definitely in a new and exciting place.