Adventure Time Review 6×41: “On the Lam”

  • Gregory Phillip

    I’ve heard people say before that characters like LSP aren’t compelling enough to hold the audience’s interest for an entire episode since she’s essentially the singular joke of being the valley girl drama queen (basically her voice). Even considering her current hobo status, I only find her enjoyable in cameos (like in Breezy) or when she has a stronger character to play off of (like in Princess Day).

    I find Martin to be the same way. He’s fine for an occasional appearance as a reminder/update of Finn’s relationship with him, but can’t carry an episode by himself. Personally, if they had to give him this type of an episode, I would’ve preferred it if he crash landed in the Ice or Fire Kingdom to interact with Ice King or Flame Princess respectively. Neither Simon nor Phoebe know of Martin being Finn’s father and I think it would’ve spoken more about his “dickishness” if these characters that we already care about were hurt by him instead of some alien he happened to call his son.

    • maththemath

      I’d say that “Bad Timing” and “The Monster” are strong counters to your feelings re: LSP.

      But more importantly, I feel like it was really necessary to see the antics he gets into off-planet, considering that’s where he spends almost all of his time. Getting a sense for what his life is, that’s important! His character has very little to do with our setting, so we don’t learn some basic, important things about him if we only observe him there.

      And what we learn is that he’s just doing the same crap over and over and over.

  • Peter Bognar

    Just to point out something: I had the feeling that Martin was anctually trying to save Martin 2 (he was trying to draw attention to himself and let the koala person go unnoticed while he makes his getaway), just to realize that nobody cares about him, he’s only the hero of the story inside his head, to the point of not even looking at details that don’t fit with his “headcanon” of events.
    Th erealization may have lead to his decision in The Comet.