The Top 50 Adventure Time Episodes

  • maththemath

    For those interested, I did a breakdown by season to see how many spots each gets relative to what we’d normally expect based on their number of episodes. The formula is (# of episodes from season on list / total episodes on list) / (# of episodes in season total / total Adventure Time episodes)

    The seasons have 26, 26, 25, 26, 51, and 43 episodes (if any of those numbers seem wrong, it’s likely because of “Lemonhope” or “Holly Jolly Secrets”). Including the pilot, that gives us 198 episodes total. Here’s how each season performed, with 1 being average. The results were kind of unexpected!

    Season 1: 0.61
    Season 2: 0.76
    Season 3: 1.27
    Season 4: 0.76
    Season 5: 0.93
    Season 6: 1.38

  • Homarid69

    It’s a good show, pretty deep for a crazy cartoon. Good article man.

  • Mortal Folly

    I’d just like to thank you for ranking “Bad Timing” so high up – it’s such an important episode in terms of real life emotional trauma that no other episode has demonstrated. I would, however, disagree with how low down “Mortal Recoil” was placed, considering the implications that the episode had, as well as the theme of demonic posession!

  • Bloma

    I think it might be the best show ever created.

  • David

    Where’s What Was Missing? Honestly think it’s my favorite episode ever. The songs, the tension among all involved characters, Jake as the band jerk… Such a great episode.