Meet the Cast of ABC Family’s ‘Shadowhunters’

  • CAT

    I AM LAUGHING MY HEAD OFF!!!!! Who ever wrote this wrote Luke Galloway instead of Luke Garroway!!! i cant even right now.

  • Really pissed off right now

    Wow your characters are all right. I guess I’ll learn to love them after a while. But LuKE DOES NOT LOOK LIKE THAT have YOu EvEn reAd the BoOKS?!

  • Annika Aanenson

    We still need a madam Dorothea, and don’t forget Simon’s friends like Eric!!

  • Elizabeth

    honestly, I don’t like the cast. Simon looks gay (I have nothing against them, just saying) Nathan Sheehan should’ve stayed playing Simon. clary looks more seductive, while she should look innocent and sweet and fragile. Jace looks high, I think Jaimie bower should’ve also stayed playing him.

    • ElizaMadness

      Robert Sheehan was a good fit for Simon I agree plus Aidan Turner as Luke, but otherwise the actors who played Clary and Isabelle and Alec looked too old for their parts and tbh their acting skills weren’t the best.

  • IfYouCKaye :3

    i am disappointed i was really rooting for this. its ok if they dont really hit the bullseye on the character physique (well the character has to have some key features from the book of course; and i agree the luke is a big nono) but if they could just keep true to the story that would be better.

  • S.Rodriguez

    This is wrong why can’t the same people from the movie just be in the show, I will not be watching. I’ll keep to my books and the movie. Sorry but this is a let down :'(

  • Ruby

    Are they even going to include Sebastian aka the real Jonathan morganstern and most of the characters they chose should be older like seriously

  • Jessica

    I was so sad to see what they have done to not only the characters but the storyline that I have loved for so long. I feel like they’ve used Cassandra’s book for nothing but a dictionary to fit better sounding words into the series. They have added character and completely rushed episodes, I thought the whole point to make it into a tv series would be to give more background information and really focus on the storyline.
    It really is a shame with what they have done…