‘The Carrie Diaries’ vs. ‘Sex and the City’

  • jacklin updegraft

    I think they are going off the books. I read the first one, titled The Carrie Diaries, and she does have maggie and mouse and walt. In the book she has another friend Lila who isn't in the show. I can't remember if it says it in the show or not but in the book she's a senior. Sebastian is the new kid at school and he becomes her first boyfriend… but she doesn't have an internship in New York and there is no Larrisa. And it's mentioned by one of her friends (can't remember who) that she has a cousin in New York and she's really experimental and sexually active! Hmmm who does that sound like?? And then her friends completely screw her over and so she heads for the big apple after graduation with her friend's cousin's number in her pocket. When she gets there someone steals her purse so she has no money and she uses the phone number. And the ending is Sam answering the phone!!! I never got around to the second book but the first one was pretty good! But I have to agree The Carrie Diaries are not/never will be as good as Sex and the City!

  • Anita

    Haven't watched "The Carrie Diaries" because I am a big SATC fan and I felt like it would just kind of take away from my often repeated viewings of the original show if I watched the new one. I've read a little about the inconsistencies which also turns me off from the new show. I "might" catch in reruns if it makes it that far this summer or on netflix but it's just not on my list. And I'm not sure but didn't Candace Bushnell write "The Carrie Diaries" after the "Sex & The City" book?