TV Review: Childhood’s End Episode Three “The Children”

  • Durel

    So after all that the Overlords were monsters after all. They made the children genetically superior to the adults and let Jennifer destroy the planet and have the nerve to say that they are only observers. That is like give an 8 yr old a grenade and then saying how would I know he was going to blow himself up!!!!!!!!

  • Observer

    Ricky did see his dead wife in the dream, but then he told his live wife he had never loved anyone more than her (Ellie).

    I would have liked another night too, and will definitely read the book.

  • Just bought the bluray and totally loved this series. Particularly loved the ending, although I would love to have seen a lot more of the alien planet and learn more details of its connection to the overmind. I though the ending was outstanding but a bit short to my taste.
    I didn´t knew a thing about CHILDHOODs End and so this story was a tottal surprise to me, which is peculiar because I love Arthur C Clarke novels and I think I have read almost everything he wrote , the RAMA series being my all time favorite scifi saga ever.
    Childhoods End crossed my path many times but somehow i managed to keep being in the dark about its content all this years, as I never read the novel, ( which I bought now), and so this mini series to me was just amazing.