TV Review: Daredevil (1×07) “Stick”

  • Lamashtar

    Pretty sure the guy Stick was talking to was Stone, another of his students. They’re both part of a group of sort of ninja (although Stick insists ninja are bandits) called the Chaste, based on some holy mountain in Asia. Stone was the last surviving member that Daredevil writer Frank Miller created. As Stick and Matt have special powers to sense things, Stone has the ability to be unhurt by any attack he is aware of. The scars definitely seem to indicate limitations on that ability.

    The Chaste are at war with demons and their servants, like the Hand, a clan of definitely ninjas who worship demons. Nobu and Black Sky were probably affilliated with the Hand.

    The character Elektra (“the Greek girl”) was, in the comic book history, corrupted by the Hand, served them for a while, before escaping to work alone.