TV Review: Fear the Walking Dead 1×06 “The Good Man”

  • Alice Lionel

    Great review! I love the Walking Dead!

  • Robert Bayer

    It was so bad …. you could run a drinking game where every time something stupid happens .. take a drink .. “That was stupid because ……” Direction … story … editing …..camera angles … awful … No one can defend this finale as anything but ridiculous .. Scores of ridiculous plot points .. hundreds ..a farce .. I love The Walking Dead .. but this was such crap .. Don’t you dare defend this .. Laughable … Preposterous … So let the zombies out and kill thousands of people …and military are going to have 4 guys shooting at these zombies when they have hundreds who could shoot .. they have grenades .. heavy weapons …Yeah ..And back at their neighborhood, … leave the gate open so all your neighbors can be attacked .. Then later ..sure .. just open the stadium doors and then stroll calmly to the military camp gates …No worries … Shallow .. hollow … lame … I really tried to like this .. first, second and 5th episodes were good .. this was horse manure ..Then leave the camp .. and remember all those thousands of zombies on the loose .. You won’t see even one outside when you leave the military camp .. LA .. a city of millions … virtually no zombies to be seen anywhere .. and on and on … Gonna talk to your son before you kill yourself for a bite even though you could live another 24 hours? No .. just have someone kill you right now …