TV Review: Girl Meets World (2×13) “Girl Meets Semi Formal”

  • Cory

    I love this show. Im just confused on how they plan to bring Maya and Lucas together. I know they don’t want to hurt Riley in the process. Atleast that’s I’ve read someone behind the show has said, but it seems unrealistic. I get the girls are best friends and they are making it seem as though Riley looks at Lucas as a brother. That’s not how girl world works though. If your best friend dates a guy you think you like you’re going to be upset. I’ve had the same best friends for half my life. Even Cory was upset with Shawn when he thought he was going to date Topanga. I hope they find a good storyline for that because having it be a walk in the park seems unrealistic. At the same time Riley being Riley ( I would think) would want them to be happy in the grand scheme of things because she loves Maya.