TV Review: How to Get Away with Murder 3×09 “Who’s Dead?”


Welcome to our newest method of reviewing/recapping season three of How to Get Away with Murder, where film section editor and film writer Allyson Johnson is joined by film writer AJ Caulfield in discussing (mainly reacting to) the latest episodes live. The discussion has been edited for (some) clarity. To read our previous coverage, click here

The third season of Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk’s acclaimed drama series How to Get Away with Murder has been sprinkled with highs and lows in equal measure. We saw Annalise’s defamation and Connor and Ollie’s relationship (and later Wes and Meggy’s) come crashing down; we saw impassioned arguments between Annalise and Frank that often bubbled into chaos; we saw brilliant scenes that handled difficult subjects like sexual abuse, mental health struggles, and abandonment with a notable dexterity; we got the classic Asher-isms, an abundance of sarcastic Connor Walsh goodness, and the lion’s share of gorgeous (seriously, heart-eyes-inducing) new looks from all of the cast members. But what captivated every audience member most, and for the longest, was a single question: Who is under the sheet? In a heart-wrenchingly sour turn, the season 3 winter finale of HTGAWM reveals the body beneath the blanket; who lay there, killed by the fire at the Keating house, however, we didn’t see it coming. Not from a mile away.

Continue to page two to read the conversation Allyson and I had live as the episode aired. (Yes, we’re 100% still recovering from the reveal. Bear with us.)

Allyson Johnson: A starting question will have to be final guesses of who is under the sheet?

AJ Caulfield: My heart is pretty set on the body under the sheet being Frank. Given the events that have unfolded in the previous episodes (Frank and Annalise’s heated discussions, her provocation for him to shoot himself) in combination with the torrid history he and Annalise have, Frank seems to make a ton of sense. And it would be a nice callback to the first season’s finale, in which we discover Frank is Lila’s killer. But can we expect HTGAWM to give us a perfect circle? I’m hoping so. Hashtag anyone but Connor.

AJ: I’m thinking that Frank is still obvious of a choice, especially considering last week where he held a gun to his head as Annalise begged him to kill himself. I’ve decided that I’m going to go with a totally out of left field choice with Wes. I think maybe the scene where we saw him giving the police evidence was prior to the fire. She finds out and hides the body. But I know it’s a reach and Frank is probably the safer bet but it’s just been too much of a red herring so far.

AJ: What is our favorite couple on the show so far this season since everyone is paired off? Mine… is oddly Frank and Bonnie who aren’t really a couple and more like two damaged souls sticking together. Oliver and Connor were up until last week when both revealed themselves to be in deep need of some alone, single time. Partly due to the performances Bonnie and Frank feel real, emotive and painful and it has been the last few episodes that have allowed me to root for them. I could give two shits about Wes and Laurel.



AC: My favorite couple might be a bit of a cop-out: I really like Michaela and Connor’s dynamic. The scenes in which they interact always get me excited, piquing my interest and hooking me into their words. A lot of the time, I have to fight the urge to multi-ingest media (watching television and scrolling through my phone, but only on my own). I never, ever feel that when those two are together. Ditto on Wes and Laurel. And Asher and Michaela. Also Annalise and sobriety would be a fantastic couple. Too real?

AJ: Too soon of a suggestion apparently…

AC: Damn the lag! “You’re only with me because you want to fix me.” Any reason would be a good reason. But I legitimately don’t know why she’s with him.

AJ: It is making everything feel more intense. Especially since they all think they can one up Annalise and they’re all sooooo wrong.


AC: These flashbacks are only making me want a connection to the first season even more.

AJ: In the best possible ways too. It’s being more than just one mystery after the other. Serialized is the smart move.

AC: If I had a dollar for every time Annalise or the Keating Five said, “Get ready to go to jail,” I’d be swimming in cash. I completely agree! This season, the show was at its most intelligent.

AJ: While also keeping up its layers of melodrama!


AC: It really did hit the sophomore slump, but it redeemed itself in a big way. So glad for it! It feels like a Shonda show, but one that’s still uniquely its own.

AJ: Honestly it’s the only show of hers that I watch… for good or bad I suppose.

AC: (I’ve never seen Grey’s but I’ve seen bits and pieces of Scandal. Melodrama to the max.) CONNOR. WHAT.

AJ: Connor is too loose lipped at all times but especially RIGHT NOW.

AC: This scene is absolutely fantastic.

AJ: It is! Michaela has been killing it this season. Everything she says is gold.

AC: The light shining in through the peekaboo blinds onto Nate’s face was everything cheesy ’90s cop movie. Loved it.

AJ: The not so subtle good guy, bad guy hints lol. What… The fuck. In the first season, I could see this maybe, but the writers have made them too familial.

AC: Genuinely what. The amount of confusion I felt… far too much. OH SHIT OH SHIT OH SHIT.

AJ: Yea it actually made me confused on which direction the show is going in. And right? So many plot points are coming to a head.

AC: *reaches for wine*

AJ: *pours more wine*

AC: When this lighting is implemented, you know things are about to go down.

AJ: It’s the “we’re bad people again” light.

AC: That’s absolutely perfect. Asher’s side commentary.

AJ: Oh shit, real time, I’m worried about Connor again now.

AC: Don’t you implicate him in this, Annalise!

AJ: Do you think she was trying to kill all of them… is that too crazy of a thought?

AC: Oh my god. I hadn’t thought of that, but that would be insane and PERFECT. Just go down in a literal blazing fire. WAIT ALLY LEGIT WAS SHE TRYING TO KILL THEM.

AJ: What a perfect set up… again, I’m too worried the show is trying to trick us. I THINK SO.


AJ: That or Frank and Bonnie were since ALL of them were called in.

AC: You’re so right. Aaand my livestream has frozen. *buys out Total Wine*

AJ: It’s still commercial! *wine should be sponsoring us at this point* I am so stressed out.

AC: This is not good for my heart or my body in any way. WHO DID SHE KILL?

AJ: Not one bit.

AC: I am the “everything is fine” dog right now. Literally. With the flames. Frank’s safe!

AJ: Right? I’m right there with you as everything CRUMBLES. Woot Frank?

AC: ‘Grats to Frank. I am panicking for real for real.

AJ: Me too!! I am so worried. Oh thank god!


The body #UndertheSheet is revealed on the next page, along with our final thoughts for the season 3 winter finale! 


AJ: Omg it’s Wes! Holy. Shit.

AC: Oh my god.

AJ: Holy. Shit.

AC: I DON’T HAVE THE WORDS. This was so preplanned. IT WAS. Oh god, Wes.

AJ: I am so oddly stricken by this news. How tragic!

AC: So am I. I think I was so quick to be critical of his character when he wasn’t at the forefront. I never doubted for a moment that we’d lose him, because how could we? I’m sad to see him go. And I adore Alfred Enoch!

AJ: I just am thinking of how tough of a life that he had. What!?

AC: Nate did this.

AJ: Or Frank?!?!


AJ: What the hell?! How can we wait until it is back? January 19 is too far away. I guess we are at final thoughts. Mainly because I am at such a loss for words despite the fact that Wes was my pick…

AC: I am a lot sadder than I thought I would be. I’m shocked and confused, and part of me finds it unfair that Wes has been taken from us. I loved him in season 1 and slowly lost interest, but despite that, I had a lot of hope for him moving forward. It feels super shunted. The show achieved what it has always set out to do: surprise us. I had grown so attached to Connor that I’d forgotten about the other members, practically wiped them from my memory, and didn’t see the ending coming. Props to them, sads for us.

AJ: So I guess, ultimately, I’m pretty saddened by this. He was one of the core characters and his character arc from day was always slightly tragic, despite some HUGE inconsistencies due to love interests but Alfred Enoch always did a remarkable job with the character. And exactly, because I was so worried about my favorite character I forgot about the rest but the grief felt genuine at the end-especially the image of Laurel and Maggie-which made it feel more tangible and kind of oddly heartbreaking for such a soapy show. So, will you be tuning back in with us come January 19? I personally can’t wait!

AC: Absolutely. We’ll go halfsies on the wine and promise to spread our love for the Keating Five equally.

AJ: I think those sound like reasonable goals… even good New Year’s resolutions. Until then, time to speculate on Twitter about what is going to happen next! Thank you AJ for once again joining! This has been fun and I can’t wait to read about all of the post mortem interviews. I hope Enoch has a steady career.

AC: Always fun to join you! Even if it spurs a mini heart attack. With the reception he’s gotten from the show this far and the outraged reaction I’m sure his screen death will incite, there’s no doubt he’ll shine.

Rating: 9/10


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