TV Review: Humans (1×05) “Episode Five”

  • coneyro

    I really like this show. It amazes me at the talent of Gemma Chan. Her portrayal of a synthetic is nothing short of genius. Can’t wait to find out what Leo really is. He is a more complex creature than we think. Imagine if these synthetics and those humanichs from Extant got together? They could conquer the world. I hope Humans is renewed for a second season. Good concept and executed very well.

  • BadTigz

    Personally, I really like Colin Morgan in this role. (Considerably better than his role in The Fall. Hell, in The Fall he had the personality of a wet fish…or a synth.)

    I just watched episode 6 tonight. I was glad to see that Leo is what I thought he was. (since you haven’t reviewed that episode yet, I won’t give out any spoilers}