TV Review: The Royals (1×08) “The Great Man Down”

  • osofine

    This is the first review of yours I’ve read. The recap/review was good, but no comment on the fact the show just turned into Hamlet? Or, should i say, Hamlets, as the twins seem to be splitting the role, complete with conversations with their father’s ghost.

    I feel pretty dumb for not expecting them to go there, considering the construction of the cast/family to fit the play, down to naming Liam’s love interest friggin’ Ophelia! My only excuse is being distracted by the parallels with the current British Royals, the most damning being Andrew’s daughters with the red hair and ridiculous hats. I only hope that the Princesses, Beatrice and Eugenie, have great senses of humor and strong self-esteem.

    I enjoyed the episode, but I kind of hope the heavy handed Hamlet redux was a one-off and we won’t see Liam driving Phi to drown herself in a jacuzzi. They couldn’t sustain an entire second season doing Hamlet, could they? I have a feeling fans of this show would be crying “worst series finale evah!” if the show ended on the same note as the play. This is not GoT.

    I was also disappointed that the man in the hoodie wasn’t Robert, having faked his own death and undergone plastic surgery. Oh well. As usual Eleanor was the best part of the episode, as you pointed out. Hopefully she will be keeping her royal closet and be back to rocking fantastic outfits next week!

    “Yeah, but, uh, she was born in a leap year, so technically she’s 6.”