TV Review: The Expanse 1×03 “Remember the Cant”

  • tonyny

    Having read the books (and also seen Episode 4), I can assure you that this will all come together pretty soon. The books take a while to get rolling too; I think the authors were perhaps initially more concerned with world building than plot or even character, but both of those come in spades, eventually. I have been pretty much fascinated from the start, but then, I’m a different audience because I’m familiar with the source material, so I know what’s to come; the excitement for me is seeing how well realized it will be on the screen. And so far, the series has not disappointed in that regard.

    But yes, the series, like the books, does take its time to tell its story. Stick with it and I’m pretty sure you’ll be rewarded. I only hope the audience out there is patient enough to not jump ship before the good stuff starts happening…