Sundered Begins Closed Beta With A Mysterious Trailer

The Kickstarter-backed Sundered, a game we previewed at PAX East this year, is about to start the closed beta process for its 4,600 backers. To celebrate, the team at Thunder Lotus Games has released a compelling new trailer for the game:

Like the team’s previous title, Jotun, Sundered is animated using hand drawn illustration, and the “Resist” trailer spotlights some of the magic in such a design choice. The trailer uses a haunting narration to tease the story of the game’s ruined world players will explore. We also get a good look at some of the threats and challenges that main character Eshe will face in their adventure. Most notably is that according to Thunder Lotus, everything seen in this trailer is only from the game’s earliest areas, culminating in the first boss. Yep, that big thing is only the first boss.

Needless to say, backers have a lot to be excited for with the closed beta. This beta will be used to make final adjustments to Sundered before the game’s release in July. Backers will automatically receive the beta, if they have the alpha installed it will simply update. If you didn’t back the game, you’ll have to wait until July. For now, take a look at some screenshots courtesy of the developer and let us know if Sundered is on your summer watch list!
Sundered is expected to release July 2017 on PS4, PC, Mac, and Linux.



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