E3 2016: Ubisoft Press Conference

E3 Ubisoft

E3 is here again and with it comes all of our Ubisoft speculations confirmed or outright denied. Will we finally get that game we’ve been waiting for made? What sequel games are being made from our favorite franchises? What new things can we expect from Ubisoft? All those questions and more are answered.

Space may be the final frontier when it comes to galactic exploration, but when it comes to emerging technologies in the video game industry, the next frontier is Virtual Reality (VR). Almost every video game company is in some way incorporating the VR aspect into their future gaming plans, but none more exciting than Ubisoft. They announced the first multiplayer VR game called Eagle Flight. It looks like a magnificently dizzying experience that has you going head to head against other eagles/players in multiple different objective-based challenges, visiting a variety of popular locations, such as Paris, France.

Soaring as an eagle sounds fun, but being part of the crew of one of your favorite sci-fi franchises sounds even better. That’s right, now you too can be part of one of the best crews in space and pilot your own starship. This VR experience will let you take a specific role in the crew and work with other people to survive an encounter. Think of the Kabayashi Maru, but you can actually win this one.

Ubisoft has a soft spot in their heart for anything Tom Clancy related, and they aren’t going to disappoint with delivering more content. First, they announced the new expansion for The Division, Underground, will be coming out in August for PS4, but late June for Xbox One and PC users. Then, the games next expansion, Survival, is slated to come out soon after.


It’s nice to see they are expanding the existing titles, but it wouldn’t be a good E3 if they didn’t introduce a new one. In comes Ghost Recon: Wildlands, introducing the new adventure taking place mostly in South America. Check out the gameplay and try not to drool too much.

Speaking of continuing franchises, Ubisoft introduces the next chapter in their highly successful Watch Dogs. In Watch Dogs 2, you get to continue exploring the open world and hack your way through the city of San Francisco. Check out the new features and the refined older ones in this gameplay video.


It’s not all about returning franchises like the latest editions of Just Dance or South Park, but some new content like the game For Honor. This game explores an alternate world where medieval knights, Vikings, and Japanese samurai are the only three remaining civilizations after a cataclysmic world event destroys most of the world.  Now they fight for a millennia, for resources and against some tyrant that has been controlling their lives. An odd premise, but it has the potential for fun if the gameplay isn’t too repetitive.


Now it wouldn’t be a well-rounded selection without at least a couple of sports/stunts themed video games being announced. The first being a newly released game called Trials of the Bood Dragon, where you make your way through the world completing objectives and killing baddies. It has a delightfully retro feel to it, but it still is full of futuristic elements.

I’m a big fan of open worlds, and Steep looks like it will fill that need with its take on extreme sports. Steep uses its open world interface to introduce multiple different types of extreme sports, while leaving the player to explore and scout out new locations to do these things on. The sky’s the limit, and even then you might be able to push beyond that.

Finally, one of Ubisoft’s most exciting ventures (or the one that they are most excited about) is the film adaptation of the insanely popular Assassin’s Creed series, which is coming out later this year. Enjoy this behind the scenes look at the film, and get to preordering all the titles you’re interested in.



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