Three Successful Movie-Based Games to Play Online Today

We all know that movies and video games often go hand in hand. We’ve seen blockbusters and failures inspired by popular video games (think Mortal Kombat, DOA, Hitman and the Resident Evil series), and countless examples the other way around. Movies are seldom turned into successful video game franchises, at least I don’t know any game – except for TRON’s famous light cycle racing games – to be a resounding success. But there is one branch – a more hush-hush one – of the video games industry that has successfully turned movies into gaming hits: real money gaming. Today I’ll show you the best-built movie-based video slot machines you can play at

The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan’s take on the caped crusader of Gotham City was loved by many and criticized by some, but it was surely one of the most memorable Batman stories ever. And the All Slots Casino slot machine built based on it is to this day one of the most popular games there. Its looks go beyond just a bunch of related symbols thrown on the reels – its whole concept, its music, its animations and even its special features are contributing to its atmosphere. Especially the one when Batman and Bane fight across the screen. A beautifully crafted game with big explosions – and big wins.

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park was never about the actors – it was about dinosaurs. Not that Sam Neill or Laura Dern would have made a forgettable role, but the huge lizards were always there to steal the show. When the slot machine version of the movie hit the All Slots Casino, over a decade later, the focus was once again to the huge prehistoric animals, making the game more than just a slot machine, but a walk down memory lane.

With beautiful graphics, an immersive gameplay, and a random dinosaur or two walking across the screen, Jurassic Park is easily one of the most entertaining slot machines you can play at All Slots Casino.


Battlestar Galactica

I know, it’s not really a movie, but a TV show… but it’s also easily one of the best video slot machines I’ve ever stumbled upon at the All Slots Casino. It somehow succeeds to transfer the atmosphere of the show to the game, combined with the stunning visuals we all loved while watching. Besides, it has some great game modes and attractive side games to make playing it not just exciting, but also lucrative as hell.

Slot machines might not be a game for everyone, but they are surely the only ones to successfully transpose movies into games. At least in my experience. Prove me wrong, please…



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